• Released
  • August 23, 2013
  • (Limited, Expands 8/30)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 10 min
  • Documentary

Old kung fu movie; modern cinematography

By Blumantis
Written August 31, 2013
This Chinese movie with subtitles was classic in its great attention to martial detail, classy romantic themes, and charming tendency to exaggerate. Think of it like Titanic - a romantic novel placed in a historical setting. Only instead of rich vs. poor, you have Northern Bagua and Xingyi vs. Southern Wing Chun. The characters are familiar to martial artists (including yours truly) and it's clearly a bit of propaganda for the Wing Chun crowd. The MMA folks will note the lack of grappling throughout, but shouldn't be deterred given the detailed and accurate fight sequences. If you aren't a martial arts movie aficionada, you will still enjoy the history, romance, themes of honor, and stunning cinematography. There should be no hesitation bringing young teens to this movie. In fact it's a great opportunity to discuss the occupation of China, the transformation to what it is today, and the spread of Chinese martial culture. This Shakespearean tragedy leaves with a note of hope.
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i dont speak chinese

By cowboy7718
Written August 30, 2013
you better know one of two things. either how to speak chinese or how to read. the movie is sub-titled. but that doesnt take away from the story it is a good true story. but i like going to a movie to watch a movie not to miss part of it while reading.
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don't miss the Grandmaster! Go watch it

By Lightwinds
Written June 30, 2015
Never seen a martial art movie so beautiful like this. Guys, go watch the Grandmaster. Gonger by zhang ziyi is SOOO impressiv!
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Don't belive the naysayers

By movie_guy01
Written September 01, 2013
This movie was not what people expected. Most naysayers say it sucked because they really don't understand what the movie is about.This is the fourth installment about Ip Man. (Bruce Lee's former Sifu) Yes it's about Kung Fu (Wing Chun in particular). Granted it's an inspired story and not totally true. There isn't a lot of action but when it's there enjoy it. The fight choreography is really good. If you want more action, you can rent or see 'Ip Man' on Netflix or demand starring Donnie Yen. That movie is also very good with more action. This is more about Ip Man the MAN, the philosophy of Wing Chun style and other styles of Northern Kung Fu. The elements of his life rapidly go through time and you will see a young pre-teen Bruce Lee. It is beautiful filmed with wonderful costumes, direction and cinematography. Oh yea the acting's good too. There is some language but no gory violence See this movie
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A version of Ip Man's life

By MovingPicX13
Written September 12, 2013
Fighting scenes are closeup and personal. Scenes have much emphasis in authenticity with Chinese customs and clothing with the period of the times. I have several Ip Man's DVDs but never heard of Ip Man's relationship with his teacher's daughter. Worth seeing - movie upholds martial arts principles and ideals.
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