What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this is a unique comedy charting an affair between a young man and a married friend of his parents. Much time is spent on the initial seduction and subsequent clandestine meetings in hotel rooms. Though no graphic depictions of intercourse are shown, there are brief shots of female nudity during the seduction and later in a nightclub scene, where a woman strips down to underwear and pasties. Language is fairly restrained, with a few minor curse words, like "ass" or "damn" used sparingly. Many of the adults are shown drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes very casually and with an air of acceptance.
  • Families can talk about how well this movie has aged. Does Benjamin's lack of direction upon graduating seem applicable today, or is it more reflective of the state of youth in the 60s? Parents will definitely want to address his complicated relationship with Mrs. Robinson. Does Mrs. Robinson seem genuinely interested in Benjamin? If not, what might her motives be in seducing him? Why does Elaine seem to gain appeal for Benjamin when Mrs. Robinson forbids him to see her? Why is the movie called The Graduate?
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