• Released
  • February 25, 2011
  • (Limited 2/25)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 41 min
  • Art House/Foreign

5 DOVES (Highest rating) Dove Foundation

By mimi2mygrandkids
Written January 26, 2011
David Evans has been a non-film director for many years, having directed several successful Passion plays for his home church. His experience shows as his first gig as a film director is handled with craftsman-like skill. He successfully engages the audience in a gritty story about a racist police officer, Bill "Mac" McDonald who constantly fights with his seventeen-year-old son Blake. Mac is repressing some seventeen years of pain and guilt over the loss of his young son, Blake's older brother, who was killed by a speeding criminal when the boy was riding his bike. Mac, played terrifically by Michael Joiner, battles racist views because the criminal who hit his son was African American. Mac's poor long-suffering wife, Sarah, constantly badgers Mac to work at his relationship with Blake, the forgotten and neglected son. But Mac seems to only see the negative... FULL REVIEW AT [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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THe Grace Card

By sisterharvey
Written January 31, 2011
what an inspiring movie... The stroy line was a true reality.... My daughter turned to me crying in the movie... she is agnostic I think God got in her heart that night.... great acting.... and a true to life story that can happen in any life....I am still talking about the movie and i saw it weeks ago.. A MOVIE FOR ALL AGES...
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Some reviews for lead actor Michael Joiner (Mac McDonald)

By Babemagnet
Written February 03, 2011
Here's what critics have said; "Michael Joiner gives a powerful and compelling performance in THE GRACE CARD!"- Ted Baehr, Owner/Publisher MOVIEGUIDE “The most effective movie of its type I've seen, with A strong lead performances by Michael Joiner ” - The Commercial Appeal (Memphis) Michael Joiner is riveting as Mac McDonald in "The Grace Card!"- **** Rolfe, CEO, The Dove Foundation Stand-up comedian, Michael Joiner astonished me with his dramatic lead performance as the tough-as-nails "Mac" McDonald in The Grace Card. "... A must-see performance!" Jay Heilman Christian Music Review “Mac (is) played terrifically by Michael Joiner” -Edwin L. Carpenter Dove Foundation 5 stars (highest rating) "While he's more known for his stand-up comedy, Michael Joiner is rock solid as (Mac McDonald) In The Grace Card" -The Independent critic
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go see it!!

By djnumarv
Written February 03, 2011
the power of grace can conquer even in your biggest hurts!!!
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The First Must-See Film of 2011!

By cmr2004
Written February 01, 2011
Check out the full review for The Grace Card at: [BLOCKED WEBSITE] Here are a few excerpts from our review... "The Grace Card is a must see film and one that I truly believe congregations across the country can use for outreach in their own communities." & "As an accomplished stand-up comedian, Michael Joiner astonished me with his dramatic lead performance as the tough-as-nails "Mac" McDonald in The Grace Card.”God's smart aleck" might just have become "God's drama king"... A must-see performance, I assure you!" - Jay Heilman Founder & Webmaster ChristianMusicReview.org
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