New York Post

By V.A. Musetto
The Good, the Bad, the Weird may owe a lot to other films, but it is always fresh and never boring.
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By Mark Jenkins
Sergio Leone learns to speak Korean in The Good, the Bad, the Weird, an exuberant tale of greed, vengeance and, well, weirdness.
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Portland Oregonian

By M. E. Russell
Director Kim Ji-woon creates a funny, fast-moving pastiche of Spielberg, Woo, Leone and George Miller, but it's really a must-see for its three big action set pieces -- which go on for a million years each and become almost hallucinatory.
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Time Out New York

By David Fear
At its best, this pomo oater gets within chaw-spitting distance of action-flick greatness; at its worst, the movie is simply unadulterated guns-and-guts fun.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
Mines the traditional Western genre and infuses it with fresh, frequently hilarious life.
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The Hollywood Reporter

A jaunty, happy-go-lucky adventure that packs a fistful of dynamite in the spectacular showdown.
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Los Angeles Times

Knives, explosions and knockabout humor have been added to taste. As vigorously staged as it all is -- sometimes confusingly, occasionally with camera-torqueing flair and impressive stuntwork -- the urge to thrill grows wearisome. Were audience members to be included as a collective character as well, they'd be "The Tired."
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
It’s a lot of fun before it wears you out, and it wears you out sooner than it should.
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Boxoffice Magazine

The entertaining non-stop action has the potential to give the film wide cross-over appeal and cult status.
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By Dan Jolin
A tangled narrative and damp-squib ending detract from an otherwise joyous Spaghetti Eastern.
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69 out of 100
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