wait till dvd

By MrsMarvin
Written May 20, 2007
Did not like this movie at alll -- way to long -- dragged it on-- way to confusing to follow kept going back and fourth and just did not like it
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the good movie

By bug138
Written February 12, 2007
I'm not usually a spy thriller kind of girl, but indulged my husband. It turned out to be a very interesting movie- very entertaining and kept you thinking the whole way- no focus on violence and car chases- more on the historical times in which it takes places, the family and work relationships, the deceipt- intense... I think Damon was very good- in fact, except for Jolie, I thought it was very well cast, but it did seem like life just happened to the Damon character- he wasn't at all calculating in what he wanted for himself- maybe that was a product of the time- definitly a must see!
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Good Shepherd! Good Movie!

By plano movie reviewer
Written February 11, 2007
Liked the movie, great cast, Matt Damon solid. Angelina, her part could have been played by anybody, she was kind of a throw in. Great history perspective of the early years of the CIA and the Cold War. Was a little long, I just had to reach over and wake my wife up once during the 2:40. Quality film.
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The Good Sheperd

By fuman1957
Written February 17, 2007
SLOW! and Emotionless. Matt Damon was not the right actor for this lead in my opinion. Wait for the DVD and just rent it!
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The Good Shepard

By goodje
Written February 11, 2007
The movie was good, lots of twists and turns, and shows how the CIA got started. It was a little long though. Overall it is a good movie to go see.
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