The Goods: LH, SH - certainly have them! Rating: 85 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written July 29, 2009
Tues. July 28 - I just attended the advance VIP press preview of his rib-tickling 1.5hr comedy. The EMMY and GOLDEN GLOBE awards-winning Jeremy Piven was in attendance to introduce the movie and he came back for a Q&A when the movie ended. We were privileged to be entertained by him - wonderful wit and humor. THANK YOU, Mr. Piven, for your autographs! Jeremy Piven and his co-stars/cast injected a much-needed dose of panache into an otherwise average script. Their enthusiasm shone brighter than a salesman's smile - everyone delivered their lines on cue with good comedic timing. Zingers/one-liners were plenty - and the one that stuck in my head was him saying "I'm a stallion - and I should be owned by middle-eastern sheiks!". I was chuckling my a$$ off the entire movie! Will Ferrell cameo scenes were hilarious! VERDICT: Worth a visit!!! Average production values. R-rated - PLENTY of profanity and NUDITY - in line with the movie's 'ambience'. Actual GRADE: Solid B
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the guy below me.....

By hckykrt91
Written August 08, 2009
shut the hell up. did you expect a god damn grammy out of this movie. pull your panties out of your *** and calm down. if you went to see this movie expecting great acting and a perfect story line then you sir are a dumb SOB. this looks freakin hilarious tho. I WILL GO INTO THIS MOVIE EXPECTING TO LAUGH!!!
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Five Word Review

By whatzatusay
Written August 27, 2009
Stupid Stupid Stupid Yet Funny
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written February 12, 2010
Piven great, movie just okay
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“THE GOODS: LIVE HARD. SELL HARD.” -- I’d call it The BADS: Write Soft. Laugh Weakly. = Rating: 4 of 10 stars (per an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Written August 05, 2009
Partly because I don’t like purposely-“DUMB”, badly-written comedy, I found this lame, self-indulgent film 1 small level above CRAP, mainly because of the WASTE inherent in it. Overall, it came across as sophomoric “FRAT-HOUSE” type humor that could’ve been better done by High Schoolers. It’s a SLEAZY, goes-nowhere, shoot-from-the-lip comedy where the overriding modus operandi seems to have been, throw together some apparently EGOTISTICAL purported “big name” stars, add in a bunch of insipid SEX-related dialogue, and you can create a film that treats the audience like a bunch of SAPS who’ll “accept” almost any sloppy, low-level type movie. As you can tell, I for one became more ANGRY than accepting at the “attitude” I got from this project. It's NOT 'satire'. There’s NOTHING “grand” in this effort: some in the audience chortled a bit thru the film; but I virtually NEVER laughed, because it struck me as a slap-dash piece of SCHLOCK that shouldn’t have been “green-lighted”. Save your $
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