Quick, look at your hands.

By ManyNekoZ
Written May 31, 2009
I wanted to see this movie because it has Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, and Danny DeVito, that seemed like a mix for hilarity. I was instead, treated with a thinker movie. Special effects: A few ambient noises, and scene changes make up the dream sequences. Nothing really special, (spoiler) accept when he gets hit with the car. Casting: Like I said, when you get those names together you expect to get a laugh or two, which don't get me wrong I did. They just can't help being funny really, simply by using human emotion as a relation to the audience. Although this movie was focused on a more serious element, which is probably why I was having trouble relating to the characters, I couldn't help but laugh when I look at them. Story: Very odd, and a little slow. The ending is certainly unexpected. Overall it was okay. Go rent it, if you're bored.
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