"Good Guy" - Good Surprise

By LindaItaly
Written February 27, 2010
I actually went to this movie by mistake, going to another movie by similar name, but glad I did. Interesting turn of events . . . the movie tricks you and you do not know you are being tricked . . . caught me off guard, and that almost never happens. You start out thinking you know who the good guy is, which single girls, let's face it, happens to us all the time. But as the movie unravels . . . we are very wrong. Great to see Bryan Greenberg again! I enjoyed it . . . great casting with Greenberg, not to mention lead actor, Scott Porter, gorgeous and great acting skills . . .He is reminding me of a very, young, sexy and endearing Paul Newman . . . However, a little disappointed with lead girl, Alexis Bedell . . . but, wow, great surprise to see Andrew McCarthy playing the evil villain . . . always nice to see him! Very enjoyable . . . this one reminds me of "500 Days of Summer" . . . a real sleeper suprise!
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Good Guy's Scott Porter - made this movie spark

By Calylily
Written March 01, 2010
I just saw The Good Guy and surprised that I had never heard of this Scott Porter . . . he definitely has IT and really sparked and fueled this movie. The other reviewers are right . . . he does remind me of the Cool Hand Lukes star, Paul Newman, when he was very young. He brings a very cool and sexy, yet intelligent and sharp feel to this movie about the young and hungry stockbrokers on Wall Street, without the vulgar language and unnecessary sex scenes . . . a nice tale about falling in love with the wrong guy when you get wrapped up so tightly in your career. Though it was a tale that has been told before, it does trick you in the end, and I applaud that. It’s worth seeing and I am glad that I did. . .
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Five Word Review

By bb8
Written February 25, 2010
Fun romantic with a twist
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