Black & White Boring

By Cincysundevil
Written January 15, 2007
I don't know if I just had a severe case of ADD that night, but I could not get into this movie. It meandered and it didn't get me involved at all. The acting seemed over the top which I guess is part of the charm of trying to get that feeling of old WWII era movies. Unfortunately, seeing Tobey Maguire trying to act like a heel was actually more comical than anything. I'd seriously recommend something else before this movie.
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made in 1945!

By Reel
Written January 01, 2007
Despite of the lame story, the movie by itself was very fun to watch.
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so goood

By kman
Written December 18, 2006
so good it mad me jump out of my seat
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If you read the book...

By megan007
Written January 08, 2007
DON"T GO... they changed the roles of many of the characters. They also do away with two major storylines. It also has that overdone, want to be Casablanca feel.
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Good German Chocolate Pie

By turbopink
Written January 10, 2007
Hello, This movie was very good and well executed. The plot was slightly convoluted but Cate Blanchett did a great job channeling Marlene Dietrich. Toby Maguire gives a great performance as well. Clooney, I mean, come on, he's George Clooney and frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!
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