The Good German Synopsis
A U.S. correspondent in post-WWII Berlin helps a former lover search for her missing husband.
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made in 1945!

By Reel
Despite of the lame story, the movie by itself was very fun to watch....

so goood

By kman
so good it mad me jump out of my seat...

Black & White Boring

By Cincysundevil
I don't know if I just had a severe case of ADD that night, but I could not get into this movie. It meandered and it didn't get me involved at all. The acting seemed over the top which I guess is...

Good German Chocolate Pie

By turbopink
Hello, This movie was very good and well executed. The plot was slightly convoluted but Cate Blanchett did a great job channeling Marlene Dietrich. Toby Maguire gives a great performance as well....

Read the book

By earlyflickchick
It wasn't a very good film. It had promise, but it was pushed too hard. The smarmy music was far over the top…we're talking something a Warner Brothers Weepy wouldn't even use…the stylized...

Easy on the eyes but sloooooow....

By Lizard7768
Who can complain about the eye candy here, but the plot was messy and the pace dragged quite frequently...I've been telling my friends and family to wait for the DVD...Stylish, unique, but not worth...

If you read the book...

By megan007
DON"T GO... they changed the roles of many of the characters. They also do away with two major storylines. It also has that overdone, want to be Casablanca feel....

I read the book and was appalled!

By simonr
What a travisty. How could one movie company take a great story line like the "Good German" and destroy it as this crew has. Everything was bad, from the raped script to the 50's style bad acting, to...

This movie has no romantic adhesion.

By Nacho Baggo
It has all the elements in olace to accomplish a CASABLANCA style of picture, but there is no love development between Clooney and Blanchett. Blanchett does a good German witha slight "moose &...

Read the book instead

By carolkeene
The screenwriter of this movie gutted a really terrific book to make a formula 50's thriller - that wasn't even thrilling, fit in the allotted time frame.. Excuse me, but didn't I see the end of...

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Rated R | For language, violence and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Clooney stars in thoughtful, complex noir mystery.
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