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Story 2.5 stars - Animation 5 stars

By Travelnurse74
Written February 23, 2016
I was able to see this at a sneak peek tonight. This is by far my least favorite Pixar film based on the story. It was cute but not up to Disney standards. Long stretches of subpar plot left my 6yr old squirming and asking if it was almost over. And the few funny parts in the movie were geared for adults. There is also multiple scenes with animals/people in peril that were pretty tense. Also, I am not sure if it was just the theater I was in, but it was a strain to hear some of the voices. My 14yr old asked multiple times "what did he/she say?" and I didn't know either! The animation however is absolutely beautiful. The best Pixar has ever done artistically. The movie itself was just meh. Most of the people in the theater giving reviews at the end seemed to agree. 6yr old said "I didn't really like it." 14yr old said "It was just okay" and I give it a C for story and A for animation.
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The 5th Star is for the Animation

By IamNawanda
Written February 23, 2016
The Good Dinosaur is very good and it has that much-needed emotional tug we've come to expect from Pixar. In terms of story it fits snugly in the Disney/Pixar canon; however, in regard to the animation it has never had an equal. The art is beyond amazing, mind-blowing even, and it needs to be seen to be believed.
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An All Around Disappointment

By Dustin42baker
Written February 06, 2016
From the genious studio that brought you every good movie from your childhood comes . . . a boring, plotless, mess. A rare miss for an animation studio that generally bats 1000. I'm not really sure how Pixar managed to come up with such a terrible movie from a concept as broad as "redneck dinosaurs doing stuff". Our hero is a coward, he causes his fathers death by neglecting his responsibilities, then he neglects his responsibilities some more, suffers no consequences for his misdeeds and is in the end rewarded. The story stinks. The landscape shots are fantastic, probably the best Pixar had ever done, but ruined by the presence of overly cartoonish dinosaurs. Also, what makes Arlo "the good dinosaur"? He's objectively terrible at being a dinosaur, helping his family . . . really everything. All in all, this was a bad movie. Sorry Pixar, Inside Out was a slam dunk, but this was garbage.
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It was okay

By keepthestarlight
Written February 06, 2016
The visuals were stunning. The background looked photo-realistic. The plot was rough. We were a group of mid-20s and all of us felt it was severely lacking. As one member of the group said, it felt like a series of pixar shorts put together. I'm a huge disney fan and own every single animated classic, this was probably my least favorite stand-alone movie (sequels not included). The dinosaur was cute, but it quickly became a combination of The Lion King, Jungle Book and Land Before Time without what made those movies magical. Visuals were great, but I think it could be scary at times for kids (especially the short! There were kids in the theater freaking out during that). There were also random violent moments that were made for humor? Maybe? It just seemed really out of touch and gross for a kids movie.
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By Andrewmoberly
Written February 06, 2016
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