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The Good Dinosaur Synopsis
The Good Dinosaur asks the generations-old question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?
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By Inkoo Kang
First-time helmer Peter Sohn and screenwriter Meg LeFauve (“Inside Out”) have created a fantastic and frequently exhilarating feature that...
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Screen International

By Tim Grierson
It might be a given that Pixar’s movies are visually spectacular, but The Good Dinosaur may be the studio’s most purely cinematic, the...
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Perhaps the larger issue is that we just expect better from the company that gave us so much more originality and smarts in movies such as...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Peter Hartlaub
The Good Dinosaur has an original concept, disarming emotional heft and features the most impressive visuals in animated cinema to date.
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USA Today

By Brian Truitt
A sense of family, the one you have and the one you make, strongly pervades every inch of the world that The Good Dinosaur inhabits.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
The buddies’ adventures are dramatized delightfully, but a case could be made for the movie’s real subject being scenery, and,...
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By Justin Chang
Cross-species bonding may have its limits, but it’s hard not to find beauty in a boy-meets-beast saga that, by the end, has made it hard to...
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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
The Good Dinosaur is no instant classic like its sublime predecessor “Inside Out,” but is modestly pleasing in its own way.
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By James Berardinelli
Visually, The Good Dinosaur boasts some of the most amazingly photo-realistic sets I have seen in any animated film.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
The Good Dinosaur is wildly uneven, but you have to give it points for trying to be something different.
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The 5th Star is for the Animation

By IamNawanda
The Good Dinosaur is very good and it has that much-needed emotional tug we've come to expect from Pixar. In terms of story it fits snugly in the Disney/Pixar canon; however, in regard to the...

Story 2.5 stars - Animation 5 stars

By Travelnurse74
I was able to see this at a sneak peek tonight. This is by far my least favorite Pixar film based on the story. It was cute but not up to Disney standards. Long stretches of subpar plot left my...


By Andrewmoberly

An All Around Disappointment

By Dustin42baker
From the genious studio that brought you every good movie from your childhood comes . . . a boring, plotless, mess. A rare miss for an animation studio that generally bats 1000. I'm not really sure...

By TheLondoner2000
So I'm curious to know why everyone is criticizing this movie for being too violent? When I was a kid, I grew up with movies like The Dark Crystal, The Secret of Nym, The Land Before Time, Oliver and...

It was okay

By keepthestarlight
The visuals were stunning. The background looked photo-realistic. The plot was rough. We were a group of mid-20s and all of us felt it was severely lacking. As one member of the group said, it felt...

I was expecting a kids movie

By Thomas Edison
From the Trailer and the name, I expected a simple plot and a feel good movie with some simple problems solved by having 2 characters traveling together. This was a right of Passage movie. The...

Good Sad Story

By wmorga20
If you are an adult and love beautifully animated movies that tug at your heart strings this is for you! It has story elements that have been used before but these elements will never grow old. A...


By ivethtalavera56
this movie was filled with smiles, tears, and laughs! it was SO cute. i'm 15 and i LOVED it! plus i don't think i've ever cried so much in a movie! cute story and characters! i can't get over it! i...

Scary and Sad

By shawnquellah
I took my daughter and her best friend to see this. They are both 7. this movie had a lot of death, sadness, loneliness and quite a few overall scary scenes. Both of them were crying during the movie...

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Rated PG | For Action, Thematic Elements and Peril
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Common Sense Media says Young dino braves nature in lovely but intense adventure.
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