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The Good Dinosaur Synopsis
The Good Dinosaur asks the generations-old question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?
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Story 2.5 stars - Animation 5 stars

By Travelnurse74
I was able to see this at a sneak peek tonight. This is by far my least favorite Pixar film based on the story. It was cute but not up to Disney standards. Long stretches of subpar plot left my...

The 5th Star is for the Animation

By IamNawanda
The Good Dinosaur is very good and it has that much-needed emotional tug we've come to expect from Pixar. In terms of story it fits snugly in the Disney/Pixar canon; however, in regard to the...

An All Around Disappointment

By Dustin42baker
From the genious studio that brought you every good movie from your childhood comes . . . a boring, plotless, mess. A rare miss for an animation studio that generally bats 1000. I'm not really sure...

It was okay

By keepthestarlight
The visuals were stunning. The background looked photo-realistic. The plot was rough. We were a group of mid-20s and all of us felt it was severely lacking. As one member of the group said, it felt...


By Andrewmoberly

Scary and Sad

By shawnquellah
I took my daughter and her best friend to see this. They are both 7. this movie had a lot of death, sadness, loneliness and quite a few overall scary scenes. Both of them were crying during the movie...

By TheLondoner2000
So I'm curious to know why everyone is criticizing this movie for being too violent? When I was a kid, I grew up with movies like The Dark Crystal, The Secret of Nym, The Land Before Time, Oliver and...

Total P.O.S. Do NOT take little kids

By Thxdesigner
Didn't realize Disney was capable of producing a piece of crap like this...from the intro of "Sanjays Heros" to 3/4 point where we had to walk out, most of the children in the theater could be heard...

The Good Dinosaur

By nicolelhuff
The movie itself was pretty good, but I was highly offended by the short during the previews! The short was called Sanjay's Super Team. This short was way too scary for my son who I brought to the...

Not for young kids

By Kelleyhmyers
We took our 5 year old to see this and it was way too much for her. Classic Disney movie kills a parent in the first 30 minutes and then fills the rest of the movie with terrifying mutant dinosaurs...

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Rated PG | For Action, Thematic Elements and Peril
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Common Sense Media says Young dino braves nature in lovely but intense adventure.
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