Golden Door Well Done

By fandango_dancer
Written June 20, 2007
Golden door was very well done. The first quarter was a little slow and it was a little hard to figure out what was going on, but it evolved into a quirky, very interesting movie. The dream sequences were quite comical (though maybe a little confusing at first), the characters were well developed, and the acting was exceptional. Scorsese brought the immigration process to life... from a poor family living in the old country to their arrival in America... helping you to understand far more about what our ancestors went through. Don't let the fact that it's subtitled put you off; the movie draws you in and you immediately forget that you're reading subtitles. A very natural humor is woven in throughout the movie, particularly in the second half. I took my 84-year old mother with me, who tends to lose interest if a movie is dull or the plot is too complicated, and she loved it. The highly symbolic ending was pure art at it's quirkiest and finest.
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A "Door" to Open!

By Bhambilly
Written July 07, 2007
I saw this beautiful movie on July 4, and it was the perfect day to be reminded of the challenges faced by our ancestors who made the voyage from Europe to America. The movie justifiably implodes the American Dream and lets us know that Ellis Island was not the door to freedom for everyone who ventured there. "The Golden Door" should be required viewing for every student of American history and, especially, anyone who romanticizes immigration to the U.S. during the days of Ragtime as a certain voyage to democracy for all. Martin Scorsese has done us a remarkable favor by bringing "The Golden Door" to this country.
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Golden Door--Great Movie!

By gturn62
Written July 23, 2007
Fun, witty, and moving story of Sicilian immigrants and their Ellis Island experience. This movie was terrific! This is not the historical account that you've seen over and over. This family's story is told with a new twist. You'll have a new appreciation for the melting pot of people who built the U.S. after seeing this movie.
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Beautiful, moving and timely

By fuller
Written July 08, 2007
This was a very powerful movie with absolute gorgeous camera shots. In the midst of the current national debate on immigration, this is a poignant reminder that we are all immigrants.
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golden door

By billbooks
Written June 19, 2007
worth seeing although not as good as the critics would have us believe.
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