The Golden Compass

By lalanna
Written December 07, 2007
I thought the effects, the story line and the acting were superb!. However, I myself am a Christian and I believe that the whole deamon thing and your soal dying when you die is a bit sacreligous. That aside, overall it was a good movie. Not something I want my 9 yr old to see though. Have you ever wondered why PG movies should be PG-13 and why PG-13 movies should be R movies? Today's society has sure changed things. I don't like to bring my son to see a movie anymore unless I've seen it first to make sure it is suitable for him to watch.
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Not just anti-religion...this movie is just plain ole' bad

By Jaycee5
Written December 02, 2007
Ok...the CGI effects are amazing, but the flick is just bad...plain and simple. The characters never really develope, there are gaping holes in the story. Rather than produce a good movie it seemed like the film makers are just trying to appeal to the "edgy rebel without a clue" types . I guess I'm just not cool enough to say that I liked a bad movie just to make myself feel worldly". Nobody really liked this movie, they are just saying so because it makes them feel "hip" and anti-establishment. Read the positive reviews. Most don't actually say anything positive about THE GOLDEN COMPASS. They can't...the movie is really bad. The reviewers are just condescending and contemptuous of anyone who offers an opinion that differs from their own. Then they use buzz phrases like "thought provoking" and claim to be intellectuals. Little is said about the movie itself. Well I paid my dollar and I took my chances...I wish I could get my dollar back.
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Lost the magic, lost the ending

By gingermissippy
Written December 02, 2007
I have said it about the Harry Potter movies, and I will say it about this again: Why do those who make movies from spectacularly written fantasy books feel the need to differ from the successful source material? The books are hugely popular, what makes a director think that can improve upon that? While the movie is visually stunning, it jumps from place to place with a quickness that is jarring and events are illogically rearranged. Have directors not learned yet that we are willing to stay for a movie longer than two hours if it is in fact a GOOD MOVIE? As soon as a plot thread is introduced it is immediately solved to move on to the next change of scenery. In the introduction it explains Dust and the Golden Compass before action even starts, thus taking out any mystery surrounding them. And yet still they fail to show how miraculous it is that Lyra can read the compass or why people find it so important to help her. All action, no explanation, typical Hollywood.
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By inspirations
Written November 19, 2007
Let me start off by saying that I am a Christian, devoted. Now, I read the His Dark Materials series when I was in the seventh grade and I loved it. My parents didn't stop me, and there was no reason that they should have. If any of you have researched the accusations agains Philip Pullman, in depth, you'd realize that he is not trying to "kill God". He is not a Christian and does not believe, but he didn't set out to kill God. Let me say that if you are afraid of Christians seeing this movie, then you do not have much faith. Just because I am going to see this movie, does not mean that I am going to suddenly decide that God does not exist. It's like a fairy-tale, it's impossible. IT'S A STORY. As long as you understand that, you'll be fine.
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So Disappointing!

By fridaycreekfarm
Written December 02, 2007
My family saw this movie on sneak preview night...boy do I wish we'd saved our money. The book is great, I loved every page of it. The movie does NOT do it justice. Both my son and I have read the book and were really disappointed with the MANY changes that were made. While the actual content is the same in most parts of the movie, the timeline is completely rearranged. The ending is completely different from the ending in the book. When this is done to help with the flow of the movie I can understand it but this movie felt all chopped up and did not flow well. In my mind, the changes that were made were made unnecessarily. My husband, who has not read the book, was totally confused. The movie made no sense to him. The CGI was good but that's the only positive thing I can say about this disaster of a movie! Please save your money or better yet, use it to buy the book if you haven't already read it!
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