Goat Rodeo

By hemlokgang
Written May 31, 2016
I felt like I was sitting on the stage! Amazing music accompnied by the ability to see the musician's emtions, their flying fingers up close and personal, and the sparkle in their eye! Better than being in the live audience!
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Goat Rodeo Sessions' Musical Performances Deliver

By movie_omnivore
Written February 01, 2012
This is a same-day tape of a live performance at the House of Blues; the cd was released in 2011. The music is spectacular. Think bluegrass as performed by classically trained musicians. The repartee between the performers is witty and their comments added depth to the music. My only quibbles (and they are quibbles) are with the direction and camera work. The director was so caught up with moving from tight artist closeup to tight artist closeup that the viewer was not given sufficient time to watch the ensemble as a whole. As much of the enjoyment came from watching and listening as the artists wove into and out of the music, that part of the experience was degraded. I've had this same reaction watching the live Met opera broadcasts as well. It's one of the downsides of these events. But it's not enough of an issue to deter attendance, when the other option is not to see the performance at all.
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Simply outstanding

By cassioj
Written February 01, 2012
What a group of super-musicians and a great musical outcome! Their chemistry as a group is palpable, based on pure love of music and respect for each other. My only regret is that few people attended the theater where we watched the live show on the screen. But those who experienced it with us were as thrilled as we were. And the audience where they performed were clearly pleased beyond their imaginations.
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The Goat Rodeo Sessions Live

By Debralee52
Written February 01, 2012
Amazing opportunity to be a part of a live musical event. To be able to so closely examine the four extremely talented musicians with the intricacies of their finger-flying instrumentation was so much more accessible then in any in-house concert. The shared experience, joining with concert-viewers over the country--was an intriguing experience. I'm eager to experience future concerts through "live" filming, and really hope that more theatrical and musical companies will consider this as an option in live entertainment. It isn't that it is better, or will in any way take away from being in a concert hall, but this gala event was in Boston. I'm in California. Opening more opportunities to be a part of something this interconnected only feeds the hunger to be supportive of the arts in any way possible. I highly recommend the experience, and will be looking for the next opportunity to participate. This particula session--Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Christ Thile--wow!
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Absolutely great!

By KMW9999
Written February 01, 2012
Not only was the music spectacular, but the experience of seeing it in the theater was wonderful! You could see every expression on their faces and every movement on their instruments. I felt very much a part of the music.
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