The Goat Rodeo Sessions LIVE featuring Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer and Stuart Duncan Synopsis
Four string virtuosos perform at the House of Blues in Boston.

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Goat Rodeo

By hemlokgang
I felt like I was sitting on the stage! Amazing music accompnied by the ability to see the musician's emtions, their flying fingers up close and personal, and the sparkle in their eye! Better than...

Goat Rodeo Sessions' Musical Performances Deliver

By movie_omnivore
This is a same-day tape of a live performance at the House of Blues; the cd was released in 2011. The music is spectacular. Think bluegrass as performed by classically trained musicians. The...

Simply outstanding

By cassioj
What a group of super-musicians and a great musical outcome! Their chemistry as a group is palpable, based on pure love of music and respect for each other. My only regret is that few people attended...

The Goat Rodeo Sessions Live

By Debralee52
Amazing opportunity to be a part of a live musical event. To be able to so closely examine the four extremely talented musicians with the intricacies of their finger-flying instrumentation was so...

Absolutely great!

By KMW9999
Not only was the music spectacular, but the experience of seeing it in the theater was wonderful! You could see every expression on their faces and every movement on their instruments. I felt very...

Great Music!

By charleydaly
This was a new experience for me and my friends. To see a live concert in he theater being broadcast across the country was fun. The musicians are definitively world class and the genre bending mix...

The Goat Rodea Sessions

By Andulka
The Boston gig we watched with a rapt and cheering audience in Nashville was a big success. The music delighted my husband and me and we enjoyed the obvious pleasure with which these four superb...

Great concert by 4 of the best

By paradiddle11
The concert was fantastic and the sound quality excellent. The theater had some technical issues prior to the concert and for some reason theaters refuse to have concert videos at a proper volume...

The Goat Roadeo Sessions

By jmurphva
This was absolutely fantastic -- my only regret is that the theatre was not full of appreciative listeners, though I cannot imagine why. Please, please, please continue bringing these wonderful...

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

By bettewilkinson
Enjoyed the whole experience. The sounds from this group of men was unexpectedly wonderful. I've been in the audience to see Yo-Yo Ma in the Past and will see and hear him every chance I get. I will...

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