The Globe Theatre Presents The Merry Wives of Windsor Synopsis
A performance of Shakespeare's play, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

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Merry Wives of Windsor

By operalov3r
We were a stout hearted audience of under 20 patrons in a large modern megaplex movie house showing 13 other adventures in entertainment. We came early, quietly chatted, until the screen stopped the...

Screw up prevented seeing it

By robertbarto
We waited in the theater for half an hour staring at a blank screen until the Regal Cinema Manager came in and informed the audience that there was "a screw up at the other end." Our money was...

Merry Wives of Windsor, Globe Theater

By zeelander
Terrific production.: well cast, acted ,costumed and staged....


By ulla99
It is such a treat to be able to see such an outstanding performance from the comfort of your seat at the movies. I go to almost all the venues that are presented this way and the price is unbeatable...

The Merry Wives of Windsor

By lindooch
What a wonderful way to spend a Monday evening! The information prior to the play was very informative. I was unfamiliar with it and had no problem following along with the plot. Actors and...

Merry Wives

By dcohlson
Great acting, setting, costumes and the playwright is worth watching. Hadn't seen the play before. Very glad I did. And at the Globe! Can't ask for more....

For Shakespeare lovers

By sciencedude
If you like Shakespeare done by good actors, this is a definite yes. Taped live at the Globe theater in London. I'm going to the rest of the series....

Shakespeare's Merry Wives very merry indeed!

By artsondra
My enjoyment of the Merry Wives of Windsor was as immense as Falstaff's belly. I would love to have been at the performance. In places I was reminded of the 1950's I Lovfe Lucy show where Lucy and...

What a Great myself!

By Slip Kid
What a great opportunity to see such a great production. Very impressive intro to the Globe Theatre that I had not seen. The actual production was so well done it truly made feel like I could have...

Live theater at it's near best

By sheimnn
Nothing can compare to live theater, but going to The Globe is not an option! this is an opportunity for the whole family, although this play has a sexual theme it is played out with puns, and good...

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