The Globe Theatre Presents Henry IV Part 2 Synopsis
A performance of Shakespeare's play, and a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

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Henry IV, Part 2

By nosNIbor9R_
I've never seen a Shakespearean performance that I enjoyed (and understood!!!) more. Please schedule more of them?...

Henry VI, Part 2

By OriginalMoviesage
This was an extremely enjoyable simulcast from the Globe Theatre in London. It was thrilling to see the play as it was actually performed before a live audience. I hope that Palo Alto theatres will...


By jvan56
The intro to the Globe was really interesting; but I don't think the Globe was the only theater that Shakespeare's plays were originally presented in. Seeing how close the audience in the pit is in...


By foomanshoe
I love Globe performances! Get more!...

Henry IV, Part 2

By ARomes
I found out about this wonderful production just in time. I wish it has more publicity so that more people could have enjoyed it as much as I. The acting was phenomenal! Watching it from the New...

attend late

By wem_
There is an initial 20 minute introduction that practically destroys the possibility of any anticipated future enjoyment of the performance, by showing and commenting on clips of all the key moments....

The Globe Theatre Presents Henry IV Part 2

By cyannah
It's a filmed play, so you need to expect a certain academic quality rather than high-action cinema. That said, excellent performances. One problem you might want to check out ahead of time at your...

Henry IV Part 2

By gwynethrichards
This was superb! Best Falstaff (Robert Allum) I've ever seen. Best Shallow I've ever seen come to think of it. Loved seeing the Globe Theatre as well. The three hours flew by. I feel privileged...

Henry IV Part Two

By slabaschin
Part One was good but left me feeling uneasy:it focused on Hal's failures as a young man and Falstaff was almost too bawdy to be a serious contender for the young prince's allegiance. Part Two...

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