The Globe Theatre Presents Henry IV Part 1 Synopsis
A performance of Shakespeare's play, and a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

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Henry IV Pt. 1

By deeabra
Fabulous - it felt just like being at the Globe, and we got nuances we have never seen in staged productions here....

Henry IV

By lucky1968
It was great! Acting was superb and was so unique to see the Globe Theatre production. I would definitely recommend it and will see the next in the series when they come. I know it is not...

Henry IV Part 1

By misty330
We loved it!...

Henry lV part one

By phill037
Terrific! There was almost no one in the audience and I am shocked that these plays, concerts,etc are not better publicized. Please send me a link that I can use to tell all my friends how they can...

One of the best things EVER!

By elsid
And I'm a Shakespeare maven, teach it, direct it, act it - and see lots of it. This production is full of life, true to Shakespeare AND clearly resonant of ourselves and our own times. Do yourself...

Fabulous Shakespeare!

By dottie1000
What great theater to bring to us from London to the U.S.! There are two more left, so don't miss it! And you don't have to live in NYC. It's in other communities' theaters also....

Enjoying a History Play by William Shakespeare

By movies4_me
Only a Globe cast could make every word that Shakespeare wrote so long ago come alive! No snoring in the audience!!! So enjoyable!...

Can we have more???

By Purrseus
We enjoyed the Globe Theatre Henry IV Part 1 tremendously, and we are disappointed that we'll miss the next two productions. The acting was excellent, and the production was wonderful. It is a...

Best Falstaff I've seen in a long long while!

By Wonkagranny
We enjoyed the production immensely. The pre-show interviews were enlightening. This production was directed with a lighter touch than some we've seen. The only performance that I thought was a...

The bard rules!

By adeliscool
The entire cast was incredibly talented and dedicated, but special cheers to the character playing Hotspur. I know that Shakespeare must be viewed to be fully appreciated, but that's never been...

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