THE GIVER: World Premiere Red Carpet Event (Live) Synopsis
An insider’s look at the World Premiere Red Carpet including LIVE interviews with the cast and a full-length screening of the film before its release.

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Great Movie; Disappointing First Premiere!

By karengonzalez974
BAD NEWS: The premiere was disappointed (except the movie). We were hoping to see the live broadcast & hear Jeff Bridges speak. We didn't get to hear the "One Republic band" which a lot of people...

Great time at the world premiere of "The Giver"

By cbartiste
This was my first Fathom Event, and it was spectacular. Watching the actors arrive for the screening and seeing them on the red carpet added a wonderful touch to the advance screening of the movie. ...

The Giver

By ljmixson
Loved this film well worth viewing with your preteen children but adults will enjoy too. Lot's of drama, action and suspense. Interesting premise relevant today. Well delivered story by an...

The Giver Red Carpet Event

By sfpilgrim31
The premiere was boring and unprofessional. The movie was visually attractive and adequately acted, but very preachy. I can see how the book might be useful for middle class middle school students...


By yaneakascoop
This movie takes the movie goers away from the book and cast them into their own lives of love, joy, and pain. It teeters with the tragedies and triumphs that makes one human. I enjoyed watching...

The Giver

By mhodge200
Thumbs up on The Giver! My son and I went to see the Premiere Red Carpet Event and we were not disappointed at all. The movie was great! There were some technical difficulties that held up the...

The Giver

By karencox335
We tried to see the Fathom event the first night--but the Waterford Lakes theater in Orlando, FL. lost the link to the satellite, so we didn't get to see it. We were issued refunds and passes to...


By amandabattaglia
The Giver was truly an amazing movie. Great story, wonderful acting, thought provoking. A must see!...


By dnelson438
The movie was great--no complaints there. But the Red Carpet part never happened. Big rainstorms in Houston prevented the satellite feed from being captured. Understanding that no one can control...

Good Movie

By dyeteach
My family and I really enjoyed the movie. We all read all three books in the series at the same time and couldn't wait for the movie. I've yet to see a movie that was as good as the book. The...

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