The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) Synopsis
A disgraced journalist and a computer hacker investigate a decades-old disappearance.
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

By gcaustria
Brilliant and engrossing adaptation of the book. For those of you familiar with the Swedish films, this is not a remake of the 2009 movie. Mostly filmed in Sweden, it feels like a foreign film. I...

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-2011

By jterrygr
I enjoyed this movie even though I expected I would not. I have read the novel. In fact I've read all 3 of the Stieg Larsson novels. Additionally, I have seen the Swedish film versions of Larsson's...

If you liked the book.....

By texasdevil'll LOVE this movie. Rooney Mara IS Lisbeth Salander! Trent Reznor delivered the perfect score. Fitcher directed my favorite movie of the year! (That said, movie is only for adults 18 and over!...

Best Book Movie Yet

By sputhemoment
First time ever to see a movie after reading the book that the movie did not disappoint. It is actually a movie that is better for having read the book. It ends , like the book, leaving the viewer...

Movie true to book and very exciting

By ivystern_icloud_com
Daniel Craig was believable and compelling as Mikhail Bloomquist; Rooney Mara was riveting. She made that role her own. Sound track and cinemetography (OK, I can't spelll) were wonderful. We've...

As Good As Expected

By North Alabama
I've been waiting what seems like two years for this movie. After starting a little slow at first, it built into a great film. Even with all of the hype, I still managed to enjoy every moment....

Long & Dark Great Lizbeth!

By Mcspoon2
Thought the movie was a little hard to follow at the start if you have not read the books. Very action packed and you've got to pay attention. Like the books - you'll want to know more!...

the Girl with the Dragon tattoo

By chefmarmar
This film was wonderfully cast, the characters fit the profiles of the characters in the book very nicely. The actress who played Salander was exactly as I pictured her when I read the book. I like...

See the movie after you have read the book

By TrashyRabbit
I must see for those who have read the book. I think the movie makes more sense if you have read the book because it allows you to fill in all the parts from the book that they were unable to put in...

Good story that doesn't need all the graphic sex and violent rape scenes

By charris1966
The story is a good one and doesn't need the graphic rape and consensual sex scenes for the audience to follow the story. We all I understand that the girl has had a very tough life. We can get the...

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Rated R | For Graphic Nudity, Brutal Violent Content, Torture, Language, Rape and Strong Sexuality
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Common Sense Media says English-language remake includes extreme violence and sex.
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