• Released
  • April 26, 2013
  • (Limited, Expansion Following)
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • Documentary
The Ghosts in Our Machine Synopsis
Animals live within and are rescued from the machine of the modern world.
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Los Angeles Times

By Betsy Sharkey
The Ghosts in Our Machine, a heartfelt meditation on animal rights, comes at you as a whisper. It depends on the persuasive powers of...
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Village Voice

By Ernest Hardy
A film whose sense of urgency and purpose is utterly engrossing.
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The New York Times

By David DeWitt
The Ghosts in Our Machine is a compelling movie, but its argument expands without deepening.
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Slant Magazine

Jo-Anne McArthur's cause draws sharp comparisons with the never-mentioned PETA, a seemingly insignificant omission that discloses a...
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Marshall's film does not only aim to document animal rights activism but also to propagate it, and in that it is less successful. This is a...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
Liz Marshall's Ghosts in Our Machine trades didacticism for first-person atmospherics.
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By Peter Debruge
This off-putting pic requires open minds and iron nerves.
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Ghosts in our Machine

By delprinciped
This film is an inspiration to all of us who see the ghosts all the time, the animals in our machine. It will surely help to call attention to animal rights issues for all those who see it. Thank...

The Ghosts in Our Machine is a moving, important film!

By vegrose
I urge you to see The Ghosts in Our Machine, about photographer Jo-Anne McArthur's work documenting and exposing the suffering of animals exploited by humans for food, fur, entertainment, and other...

visually striking, and awe inpiring

By vegan300
Cant say enough how beautifully done this documentary was. We all absolutely loved it. The images were both heart wrenching and truly inspiring the good in us all. Wow.......

The Ghosts In Our Machine

By rosshill
"Ghosts" builds its case gently and gradually but proves powerful by the end. In its meanderings the film touches on a wide array of topics involving human interactions with the animal world, the...

The Ghosts in our Machine

By cofrak
This was a beautiful, at times heartbreaking movie about one woman's photographic journey. I think this film is mostly geared towards animal rights activists, but I would recommend that anyone who...

great look at an atrocious situation

By rolandoandresrojas
This film gives the viewer just a glimpse to the cruelty imposed on our sentient brothers on behest of human society. The filmmakers included just enough savagery to inoculate the audience with an...

The Ghosts in Our Machine

By blr60
A deeply moving look at animals under the weight of human exploitation. For people who are already converts to a compassionate way of life, it was just a reminder...of the bad and good. For the...

Aesthetic Experience in Care

By delapierceD
Love this movie...

Very important movie

By littlevness
I loved it! I've seen many other movies about animal rights and this is one of the best. Its images are powerful yet mild. See this movie and tell others about it!...

This is a great film !

By elliottgoulden
I watched this film tonight and it was a great film ! It was both touching and heartbreaking . There are scenes that make you laugh and others that make you cry. For those who know about the abuse of...