Important insights into Israel's Security situation

By mgbglencoe
Written October 24, 2016
Not a "fun" film to watch, but an important one. Impressively made, seemingly objectively framed and positioned, and therefore well-positioned to help viewers understand aspects of Israel's security situation that have been unknown / hidden for decades.
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The Gatekeepers

By lost_movie_snob
Written September 25, 2016
Even though the subject matter is riveting and serious, I almost fell asleep. Maybe a little too long and monotonous, it loses sight of the fact that all this has been going on for such a long time--War of 1967. I'll agree this is a very important film and it is fascinating to see that these men who have wielded such power finally acquire some wisdom and perspective on the futility of what they have done. There is no shortage of bravery exhibited here. But it is just frightening that none of this has really changed at all. It's hard to avoid the conclusions that religion is the root of all evil and that politics is religion's first cousin. Very, very depressing subject matter--juxtaposition of black and white and color is phenomenal too.
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The Gatekeepers

By DrBilly2
Written October 21, 2016
Maddening to know that those who you would think would want to annihilate the Palestinians, think otherwise. Of course the only way to end this worrisome debacle is to get both sides to the negotiating table, have a meaningful discourse, and negotiate. Both sides must give up a lot to save Israel and the eventual Palestinian State. The present day head in the sand approach that has been more or less going on for the past 50 years isn't and isn't going to work. This movie should be required viewing by every Jewish person, every Palestinian person, and all Muslims world wide. It is a good view by all those interested in Middle East politics and world opinions.
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Stunning, Reflective Movie that Doesn't Overdo the Violence

By dcmoviedude
Written January 16, 2017
The Gatekeepers is a movie about people struggling with their choices over decades to reduce a growing tide of violence in Israel following the 1967 War. There's enough footage of protests, car bombings, and targeted assassinations to frame the movie's context, but the violence is not overly done. Instead, this movie's drama lies in reflections of the previous heads of the Israel Secret Service. These men wrestle with the meaning and weight of their decisions and the collateral moral damage and existential questions that haunt them years/decades later. The movie is a compellingly honest self-reflection on the shades of grey that exist in the world where truth depends on one's point of view and there can be many truths, even though we seek certainty. The unanswered questions that drive this movie make it as compelling, if not more, than equally profound movies that offer a more decisive conclusion. The Gatekeepers will stick with you long after the ending credits roll.
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A lesson in Israeli Colonialism or the Mess.

By jpodetc
Written September 03, 2015
Anyone who takes the time out to see this film, although slanted, the film that is, will have the advantage of insight into the the mess by listening to what is not said and following the logic of the filmmaker who brings the viewer down a path of middle east reality, and it is a mess. Not for the kids. Also, I would recommend the film Lemon Tree, which can be rented as it is not a current film.
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