The Frozen Ground Synopsis
An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escapes from a serial killer.
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The Frozen Ground

By Mygrv
I went and saw this movie with most of my family and I must say this movie was more than I had expected. The movie was hard to watch because Cindy in the movie is about my sister-n-law and what she...

A solid, gripping thriller. Thoughtful and tense.

By neilius
The Frozen Ground gets Two-thumbs Up from me. Walker has done an excellent job of crafting and assembling this taut, well-paced movie. Cusack delivers an excellent, tightly-strung performance....

Very good!

By saramichellebags
Must go see....

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By kccrouch
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Based on true story.

By shebuty62
Drug use was too explicit, but it is based on true facts. 1980's I remember the story, but not all the facts........

sick man

By facomemm
Great acting from Vanessa Hudgens and the whole cast....


By kmsachen
This movie was brilliant and intriguing. I never took my eyes off of the movie....

Blown Away

By angiiex3
An AMAZING film that deserves a nationwide release! There wasn't a thing I didn't like....

By lainemn534

Great show critics are idiots

By Kennyo0583
Very suspenseful sometimes, I wonder if prosecutors are really that stupid, based on a true story, I'm glad they caught the sicko....

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Rated R | For Violent content, sexuality/nudity, language and drug use.
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Common Sense Media says Bleak, very violent, but compelling serial killer story.
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