Go See This Now!

By uleij
Written November 18, 2009
Seriously, go see it. I am not an alien movie fan or really into the whole "other beings" stories etc...but you can't miss this movie. I just got done watching it and I will see it again because I know I missed things that I want to see again. I didn't find it slow at all like other complained of and I kept wanting more. I kept wanting so see more of the Real life footage. I love how the whole movie was set up. You will too. Go See It!
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By RobbySTi
Written November 06, 2009
So I just got in after seeing The Fourth Kind. I went to see the movie paranormal activity and snuck into The Fourth Kind after..... Don't waste your time with the movie paranormal activity, if you want to see REAL paranormal activity go see the fourth kind, man i hope i dont get abducted for writing this review haha. I mean if that footage they have is real than man I am a bit scared that we are not alone in our huge universe. Ya the movie trys to sway you to believe because they connect all the right dots, but man go see it and decide for yourself. I wouldn't call this a normal movie you see for entertainment it is kinda half documentary and half acting, but the so called real footage you see is insane. it isn't a typical scary movie in fact it is not really scary it is more disturbing in an intriguing way. Bottom line go see the movie and why hasn't this already been a huge youtube conspiracy????
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Great Movie

By mandiizzle
Written October 07, 2009
I saw the movie last night, in a free screening at my college. I thought the movie was really good, it scared the cr*p out of me though. The whole theater was screaming and jumping, it was awsome. I am a believer of UFOs and Aliens, and the person who attended the movie with me is not, and we both really enjoyed the movie. I would totally suggest seeing this movie, but definatly leave your children at home.
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Very Creepy!

By Mr Tommy
Written November 13, 2009
As a retired fillmmaker, I found this story to be very interesting as I had an encounter of the First Kind when I was 20 years old of coming in contact within 200 ft. What I really liked about this story as it did not just feel like some movie made on stage.... This film included the actual footage, and by using it in conjuction with the story.... it made it even more believable. Most of these type of movies are more fiction than fact, and what made this film even better... it had fact with the story to back it up. So it allow you to become the believer or not. For myself, I am a TRUE believer as I have been for many many years now.... This film just took this belief a step further, and it gave me goosebumps as it was really CREEPY.... Make sure you see it from the beginning and do not get into the theatre late.... Enjoy!
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Creative Story Line and Direction

By noelrunge
Written November 25, 2009
I purposely avoided reading any reviews leading up to this movie as I wanted to go into the theater without any preconceived notions. I'm glad I did, because the overwhelming response to this movie is average at best. I disagree, I found it to be creative and compelling. The director does a very good job getting the audience to "believe" this story is factual. The archival footage is realistic and chilling and I found the story to be as believable as one can find an alien abduction film. I think this was an entertaining move and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys SciFi with the occassional spine tingling moments.
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