You need to see it to believe it

By cmacey78
Written November 05, 2009
All I am gonna say is that Paranormal Activity can bite it. You will talk about this movie LONG after its over. Just go see it and you will believe!!!
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Don't waste your time

By sma165
Written November 07, 2009
This movie started out as a sleep study, but it was so boring that it put me to sleep. Nobody in the theater seemed to enjoy it or was scared even the slightest. It truly was a waste of my Friday night. Just because a movie claims to be based on true events does not mean this is true. Each of the people in the so-called "raw footage" are very obviously actors. How can a movie based on alien abductions never actually show any aliens?
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Five Word Review

By Frandangotoo
Written November 07, 2009
is this a fake movie
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Five Word Review

By RylieGirl18
Written October 23, 2009
It's Gonna Be So Cool!!
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By supalayla
Written November 05, 2009
i got to see a sneak preview of this movie and OH MY GOD!!! idont think ive ever been so scared in a movie. i was really excited to get to see it because i saw the trailer but its even scarier than i imagined. definitely going to see it again. i knew that it was about aliens and about abduction but didnt realize how scared i was of this. great way to use the real footage of abductees to show just how painful it is. go see this!!!
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