You need to see it to believe it

By cmacey78
Written November 05, 2009
All I am gonna say is that Paranormal Activity can bite it. You will talk about this movie LONG after its over. Just go see it and you will believe!!!
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By supalayla
Written November 05, 2009
i got to see a sneak preview of this movie and OH MY GOD!!! idont think ive ever been so scared in a movie. i was really excited to get to see it because i saw the trailer but its even scarier than i imagined. definitely going to see it again. i knew that it was about aliens and about abduction but didnt realize how scared i was of this. great way to use the real footage of abductees to show just how painful it is. go see this!!!
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Five Word Review

By Frandangotoo
Written November 07, 2009
is this a fake movie
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Don't waste your time

By sma165
Written November 07, 2009
This movie started out as a sleep study, but it was so boring that it put me to sleep. Nobody in the theater seemed to enjoy it or was scared even the slightest. It truly was a waste of my Friday night. Just because a movie claims to be based on true events does not mean this is true. Each of the people in the so-called "raw footage" are very obviously actors. How can a movie based on alien abductions never actually show any aliens?
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Tosado-The Fourth Kind

By Tosado
Written November 19, 2009
A "NO" to this movie, but not in the sense of not watching it: just in the sense of don't go to the theather to watch it, better wait for the DVD-BlueRay release, or perhaps some TV release. The idea can be interesting, the plot is well developed, but the try for portraying this a a "real" movie is just an absolute fiasco. There are few really true things in this movie, according to several Web sites. On the good side, Milla Jovovich is just smart and beautiful, reminding about similar theme movies as the "Resident Evil" saga, and "The Fifth Element." Also, the movie will be liked if you've like "The Mothman Prophecies," as a matter of fact, from "The Mothman Prophecies," Will Patton plays Sheriff August in this movie, a dramatic and logical portrait of the realistic part of the movie.
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