Nice Scary Movie

By reviewwguy
Written October 23, 2009
I like the movie overall. It definitely kept me up last night. Im not so sure that it is a true story or not but it seems convincing. There are a few moments where they use loud noises and flashing lights to scare you but for the most part they use other tactics. The lady behind me actually yelled twice during the movie. Everyone in the theater jump during one scene. If you like scary movie and are not into blood and guts this movie is for you.
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Five Word Review

By jdroper
Written October 30, 2009
eye-opener to UFO Abductions cases!!!
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It's Up To You

By Havoc571
Written November 06, 2009
Well to start off it opens with a dialog that the actors let you know that it is based on true events. It will leave you a bit disturbed but when you go to try and look for any of this information that "supposedly" documentation from a real event, you get nothing. The doctor in the movie can not be found nor is there any record of her. This does make your mind go with some of the ideas portrayed in the movie but then you soon realize that it is still just a movie. I give it a C and it is really slow paced and jumps between the "real" videos and the movie. Just not enough to back up the story and the plot does not make any sense...
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it doesn't have to be constantly scary to be a good movie!

By acrsrggr
Written November 16, 2009
the movie was a good movie, and the scenes that were recorded are believable, unlike many people say. many people say all the footage were fake. i don't think that is true. i think the truth is stranger than fiction, which is a common saying. i don't believe we are alone in this world. there must be some higher intelligence out there. from all of the reports, evidence, stories, footage,'s hard not to believe that UFO's are fake. it's hard to think that all these people that claim to see and people that claim to have other people abducted or people that have disappeared in the world is fake. why would people make stuff up like that? the movie, with a few very scary scenes, may make you not able to sleep at night after seeing the movie. it depends on the person of course. the movie is a good movie, and very convincing (in my opinion). nobody knows 100% of the truth about anything, so let your imagination run wild when watching the movie, and stay focused, and you will enjoy!
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Can YOU handle the TRUTH?

By naynay33704
Written October 28, 2009
This movie may not be true... but it makes you stop and think "what if it is POSSIBLY true?!" I woke up on my own at 3:20 AM and have been awake ever since! LOL I kept thinking about this big white owl (like from the movie) that I saw in ND several years ago. I don't do the blood and guts movies - but love the ones that make me think about the possibilities and possible truths. I would not recommend this movie for ANY child under 15 - even thought it is rated PG-13. This one is well worth the price of a ticket - maybe even twice!
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