Can't Stop Talking About It

By cannawhoop
Written November 07, 2009
I'll admit it - I love ufo and abduction movies. Ever since I saw "fire in the sky" and "communion" when I was a kid. Totally loved "close encounters" too. To me, the fourth kind is a fantastic addition to the genre. It was scary and kept me guessing - and the people I went to see it with were all talking about the movie for a long time afterward. Some movies you can't even remember by the time you get to your car, but this one really stuck with us and we were even talking about it the day after. I thought he way they used the video footage was great and made the story that much more intense. I also thought that mila did a really good job. (who know it was pronounced yo-va-vich? everyone i know has been saying jo-va-vich for years!) I think this was a good role for her and it was cool to see her play a believable human being rather than an ***-kicker. I think this movie is really going to freak some people out in a way they haven't been at the movies for a long time.
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Forth Kind

By voorheesj
Written November 09, 2009
Pretty boring, more of documentary. Split screen drove me nuts, but without it the move wouldn't have made much sense. Paranormal activity was MUCH better
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By redyeah
Written November 06, 2009
The thing that keeps me from giving this anything higher than a so-so is the format. At the same time we see Milla Jovavich, we see the "real" doctor. It just comes out looking a little sloppy. The movie was intense nonetheless. I liked the direction it went in. Just a little much to watch with the dual screen deal.
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Cant Stop Thinking About It....

By JDali
Written October 21, 2009
OK I just saw this movie and cant stop thinking about it.....Their is some real scary footage in this movie...The Movie is done as so...Actors,re-enacted dramatizations of actual footage to protect identities and actual footage.Through out the movie the tell you what is actual footage....What they show you is really scary.Decide for yourself,but be patient and have an open mind....This is not ALIENS this movie is all based on actual interviews and raw footage.
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Worst movie ever!

By alaskans49
Written November 11, 2009
hows it going everybody, well if you seen this movie, this movie is WACK! I am orignially born and lived in Nome, Alaska, I am 21 years old, those home footage videos were not from Nome. Beside, I would remember a kid name ronnie tyler cuz hes a year older than me. So I don't know what Dr. Abigail Tyler is smoking, but she never has been to nome, neither has her kids. I don't know how they came up with this lame *** movie taht supposely to be true, ITS NOT! To all who liked the movie and thought it was true, its not, I've been in Nome for over 21 years now.
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