Have I Been Abducted?

By ProphecyWatcher
Written November 07, 2009
I was completely shocked and disturbed by this movie. I went expecting it to be another bad/cheesy horror flick, instead I was completely engaged and forced to get really honest with myself and answer some hard questions. I can't go into them here but I will say this, this is not your ordinary ET movie. It is based, from my own personal research and experience, on actual real life events. I predict we have not heard the end of this movie. I suspect there will be quite a buzz. I saw the movie twice on the same day, due to the fact that is was so disturbing. At times during the movie, I had completely zoned out, lost in my own thoughts and past experiences. It gave me more insight as well as left me wondering....have I been abducted? This is my honest question. I recently published my first book about the alien invasion based on dreams I had between 2004-2007, called Dreams & Visions of our Future. Watching this movie has forced me to take a second look.
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Five Word Review

By Keeping_It_Reel
Written November 12, 2009
Thought provoking Mysterious DiStUrBiNg Worth_seeing
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This poor lady...

By aRePa
Written November 09, 2009
I want to say "Must Go", but I can't because it is disturbing. Some scenes, especially the "archived" material are beyond creepy and surreal. I don't think it was aliens at all, but it came across as some type of demonic possession or possession caused by some type of ancient Nephilim. The fact that "it" is speaking in ancient Sumerian and says something translated to "I am God", it is in fact very Un-Godly, but of the Earth, even Interterrestrial as opposed to Extraterrestrial for some reason. I hope to God that something like this has never been true, but if it has, poor "Abigail" has lost some type of battle...against what no one knows.
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worth it

By jpease4
Written November 11, 2009
I went to see this movie today with a gift card.... It is definitely worth giving 2 hours of your day to enjoy. Its smart, fast paced, true, and leaves its audience informed. I recommend this movie to everyone, even people who don't buy any of the U.F.O. theories. It is based on a true story and contrary to the review left by a 21 year old resident of Nome, Alaska (see that review below) all the information from this movie can be verified on-line @Google. I know because I did it myself, thats what made me choose this movie to see today. I made the right decision ...I loved it, and any openminded, theoretical loving, looking for some answers individual will enjoy this just the same.....Thank me later :-)
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The Fourth Kind

By SunsetFire
Written November 09, 2009
The movie was well done. I've read other reviews that say the movie was slow, but I didn't think so at all, keeping in mind that it's more of a documentary. There's a lot of controversy about whether the story is true. People say they can't find information about the characters, but all through the movie there were captions that said real names weren't used. True or not, I'm glad that people are making an attempt to educate people about the fact that extraterrestrials do exist when the government is doing a huge disservice by keeping information from its citizens, thinking we can't handle the truth. Governments in other countries are further ahead of us in that arena and publicly conducting UFO research. To sum it up, I really enjoyed the movie - by the end my hands were sore from gripping the armrests of the chair so hard - or maybe it was my friend's leg! Some of the scenes were really terrifying, especially since they were backed up with live footage.
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