Overall enjoyable!

By vip816
Written November 15, 2009
I was drawn to this movie because I like thrillers and scary movies. Since I do not want to ruin it for you, I won't say anything to spoil it. This movie definitely had its intense moments that made me jump a few times. The way the movie was made/played out was ingenious in my opinion. It was a new format and something I did not expect. This is a decent movie overall, but be warned that it is inappropriate for children. There were several children in the audience at my viewing and one got so scared from one of the scenes that he started crying nonstop and his idiotic family had to leave the theater. Anyway, the one thing I will suggest is this: DO NOT READ ANY MORE REVIEWS OR RESEARCH INTO THIS MOVIE BEFORE WATCHING IT... too many people are giving away spoilers in their reviews without even flagging it as a spoiler. I'm so happy I only researched into this movie AFTER I saw the film. If you want to be entertained, this movie will do that for you.
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Fourth Kind = The Best Kind

By FuzzyDad
Written November 08, 2009
Regardless of belief of the existence of any extraterrestrial life, the varied forms of contact, or the varied portrayals of events in films, this movie slams home the emotional repercussions that could potentially stem from abductions by life forms from beyond Earth. I went to the midnight showing and left absolutely shaken, butterflies in my stomach and thoroughly entertained. Milla Jovovich was outstanding as Dr. Abigail Tyler, as was her supporting cast. As a "documentary", the storyline leaves one questioning their belief in the extraterrestrial and their contact with us. As a thriller, the movie has many points where you want to jump straight out of your seat & head for the doors. I loved "The Fourth Kind", it scared the pants off of me. I just might go see it again. As long as one goes with either an open mind, or without prejudgmental expectations, prepare yourself to be blown away.
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Hollywood fiction with help from Scientology, but entertaining

By ipgrassman
Written November 07, 2009
Do you believe video of Alien abductions would remain secret for nine years? Do you believe the Aliens were here on earth 4000 "BC"? Last question - Do you believe one of the executive producers is a Scientologist? - that one's true. This was an entertaining movie that sprinkled truth into a Hollywood story about Aliens. Virtually none of the facts can be substantiated, and the very town folk don't buy the abduction story either. It's a bit slow at times, except for the totally gullible, but it was an interesting mix of "actual video" and their drama. Flip a coin on this one!
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This Movie Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat And Scream!! This IS NOT Just Some Alien/UFO Movie!

By jennykristi
Written November 04, 2009
I saw the screening of this movie last night. I am not a fan of movies about aliens or UFO's, so I was almost sure I wasn't going to like this film. Boy was I wrong! This movie actually startled me off of my seat a few times and made me want to scream in terror! I have seen dozens upon dozens of horror movies always looking for a scare, but walk away from them unphased. I very rarely get scared by a movie, and this is the first time that a movie has made me jump and want to scream. This movie is scarier than any horror movie I have ever seen! This is the best scary movie I have seen since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Jessica Biel. This film was brilliantly thought out and is unlike any movie out there. The way the cameras roll quickly over the outdoor terrain and the zoom they get on the actor's faces is awesome! Milla Jovovich is extraordinary in this film!! The archive footage and audio of the actual case studies plays on the unkown. You have to see this movie for yourself!!
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Must See

By jab81
Written November 12, 2009
After attending over 20 movies this year, this one was by far the best one yet. Based on real events, this movie really delivers. If you are a skeptic to begin with, you will probably walk away from the movie just thinking the lady is crazy. If you believe, this movie will further solidify your beliefs. This movie actually made the audience think and pay attention the whole time. You don't want to go to the bathroom or get a popcorn refill because you might miss something.....and trust me, it's good. The ending was sadr but I'm going to do lots of research now into the numerous disappearances and the Sumerian language. I find it fascinating that the FBI has been to Nome, AK so many times to investigate. What exactly is being investigated and why is it being covered up? I can't wait until this movie comes out on DVD!
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