What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this sci-fi thriller from director Olatunde Osunsanmi mixes supposedly real footage of alien abductees with re-creations played out by actors (including Milla Jovovich and Will Patton). That mix makes it hard to know what to believe, and it could confuse or mislead overly trusting kids (be ready to talk about telling the difference between fact and fiction). Plus, in addition to an overall sense of dread, there are a couple of shockingly violent moments -- including a bloody stabbing and a blurry scene in which a man kills his wife and children and then himself -- that could scare the daylights out of some viewers.
  • Families can talk about whether or not they think the events in the film really happened. Are the things presented in the movie necessarily factual? How could they have been faked? How can you tell what's fact and fiction in situations like this?
  • If the movie is a put-on, what is the effect? And what are the consequences?
  • Why are some characters ready to believe that aliens exist, while others deny it?
  • Why would aliens be interested in abducting and experimenting onhumans? Are there any similar circumstances in which humans behave thesame way toward other species?
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