Go in with an open mind!

By Klopjob
Written December 22, 2007
It really upsets me that this movie got such inaccurate reviews, I think that good movies have been so diluted with idiotic pieces of crap that people don't even bother seeing a movie unless they see boobs or Nicholas Cage in the trailer. Anyone who considers themselves to be at all creative or open minded should go see this film. Darron Aronofsky's best work in my opinion. And possibly my favorite movie of all time. Don't let the bad reviews tarnish the beauty of this movie, go in with an open mind and you won't regret it.
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Takes the title

By Lrn2dnc
Written December 23, 2008
of worst movie I've seen in recent memory. Skip it.
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Aronofsky is a master filmmaker.

By dcshaw87
Written February 16, 2007
There isn't another writer/director alive that even comes close to him. For me, he fills that massive black void that was created on March 7, 1999. Right on EternalFootman! Go see it.
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The Fountain

By themillards5
Written January 15, 2007
although this story line had great possibilities, this movie did not do justice to the story line or the actors. It was too complicated and too disconnected to follow. It just wasn't good.
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deserves more credit

By sumertime
Written January 13, 2007
This movie is nothing short of amazing. It is definately NOT for the shallow-minded, and it requires your full attention throughout the entire movie. Appreciate the intricate details. Brilliant minds at their finest with this film.
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