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Written by Robert Siegel, THE FOUNDER is a drama that tells the true story of how Ray Kroc, a salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California.
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A must watch for any entrepreneurs

By sentux
Exceptional, 5 ??????????'s, A must watch for any entrepreneurs. A true business lesson. Best movie line- "I am the guy who sees his competition drowning and puts a water hose in their mouth for...

Thats business

By cbspock
Keaton gave a great performance as Ray Kroc. Having worked at McDonald's in the 80s I was familiar with story of the company,I didn't realize what a snake Kroc was when it came time to buy out or...

Mostly one side of the real story

By santajohn319
An interesting tale that has you sympathizing with Kroc early in the movie and then viewing him as somewhat of a scoundrel at the end. Keaton is great as Ray Kroc. The movie glosses over the...

You won't look at McDonalds the same!

By m3trooper
Had absolutely no idea what to expect with this movie, and especially after a bleak year of film in 2016, FOUNDER set my first movie of 2017 with a high bar. Michael Keaton was fantastic, as well as...


By garrettwright1999
This movie taught me so much about the Company and it was also very intriguing. Micheal Keaton also did a great job at selling the ruthless business man. Definitely recommend!...


By BILLTAYLOR9122016700
Although it was not completely fact based, I enjoyed the acting. The portrayal of Kroc was not accurate. His integrity was second to none, based on my personal experiences with him. I have been a...

Great Movie

Well directed movie that accomplished what I think it expected. Told the story with solid acting. Keaton did great and looks great in the movie. For those not satisfied, perhaps they like another...

By sayrube
Lived during the period covered by the film, as a teenager from its start. Assuming films accuracy, learned a lot. Film presented and well acted. Reasonable people should know that some people can...

By dgromek
Really enjoyed. Great story....

Barely above average

By eecnph
When it comes onto hbo I won't watch it. In fact, if I had seen it for the 1st time on hbo, I would have changed the channel...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief Strong Language
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Common Sense Media says Gripping film about burger entrepreneur has strong language.
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