Cute movie...for older kids

By Ern
Written February 06, 2015
I saw this movie in a sneak preview and knew in the first 10 minutes that I would need to own it. The movie itself has a great story line filled with terrible dialouge. If someone can tell me why one of the characters speaks in the 3rd person throughout the movie I would really apprieciate it. However, the fight scenes are amazing. The fight with Jackie Chan and Jet Li is something I could watch again and again. Jackie Chan's charactor is extremely funny and Jet Li plays his typical hostile self (with a twist). There are some heavy elements in the movie that might not be good for younger viewers. And the final fight scene is pretty graphic. Oh and if you don't laugh out loud during the desert scene then you have no sense of humor at all.
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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Part 2 + Jackie Chan and Jet Li

By tt_232010
Written April 19, 2008
What can I say, the movie was amazing. The only reason why I wanted to see the movie was because of my desire to see Jackie Chan against Jet Li. The fight scenes between them were great and they also had a good deal of time showing. Still all the flying and jumping 50 plus feet in the air bored me. But the movie has a rich story. I can't forget about the music. For A second i thought I was in an opera house. Not that the characters sing or anything, but the music they play during anti****tion and between fight scenes is a bit ackward. I don't know. Maybe its me. I'm a kung fu fan, and a Jet Li/Jackie Chan fan. Would I see it again. Of course!! Why, because I rarely see the martial art superstars together in a movie.And don't forget that both Jackie Chan and Jet Li have a sense of humor. That's what i like about them, no matter how many villians they karate chop, they still have time to smile. Never the less, the movie was a bit cheesy. It was great, but it could have been better
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A worthy effort - not good enough - but worth the price of admission.

Written April 23, 2008
A light-hearted entertaining (funny-in-parts) martial-arts fantasy along the vein of 'The Karate Kid'. This movie is NOT a re-telling of the Buddhist/Taoist myth 'The Journey To The West' (note: monk Tripitaka) although some elements were liberally appropriated by writer John Fusco in this bland tale with bad editing. 'The Forbidden Kingdom' is filled with exhilarating fight sequences (non of which are of epic proportions) and showcased the favored combat-styles of both Jet Li and Jackie Chan respectively - choreographed by Wo-Ping Yuen(Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and other action-flicks since his 'Matrix' fame). This movie will appeal more to Westerners than Easterners. The first-time HISTORIC pairing of Jet Li and Jackie Chan deserved MUCH MORE than what this movie showcased. NOT director Rob Minkoff's best effort. 'Stormriders', 'The East is Red', 'Legend of Zu', etc. would appeal more to the discerning Eastern tastes. Overall grade: C
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The Forbidden Kingdom

By themerrymom
Written April 21, 2008
My 15 yr old says if it was a little less violent it would make a good kids movie. I think it was a little it was a little choppy which prevented you from really getting into the characters, a "Karate Kid meets the Never ending Story" kind of a thing broken into vignettes. I was more than pleasantly surprised by Jet Li as the Monkey King...I've never seen him act outrageously silly. He did a great job in that part.
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Good Fun

By joesteph
Written April 19, 2008
Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie for the first time is interesting in itself. The fantasy fighting is often good, although the evil immortal hurling bad "chi" at his opponents did seem like something from X-men. The widely different characters and references to a range of forms of kung fu gave variety, with a good bit of humor thrown in at the staff seeker's (really, staff bearer's) expense. The evil but beautiful witch and the very pretty love interest, Sparrow, will catch the eyes and attention of the male audience.
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