Smart and Funny

By Way2Emilicious
Written August 08, 2014
My husband and I saw an early premiere of this movie yesterday, and it couldn't have gone any better! Honestly, I wasn't super excited, as I haven't watched Gabriel in a long time, but man did he deliver; He's funny, flawless in his impressions, and has a wonderful outlook on the world around with a very anthropological eye. I would highly recommend this to anyone who can laugh at themselves and the truths of their life. Oh, it's PG-13 because of sexual references/gestures.
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By kristalina2001
Written August 08, 2014
fluffy knocks it out of the ball park again! hilarious while showing a more vulnerable side to himself. love how genuine and transparent his is, we can all related One way or another, wonderfully done Gabriel!
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Not so "fluffy"

By perfectionpresident101
Written August 08, 2014
I'm a fan, really I am, but this movie feels as if Gabriel saved himself the money for a psychologist and just recorded a session. He spent the entire stand up routine telling 2 stories; trip to India & his step-son's parallel with his own fatherless childhood. Very touching, not very funny. There are a couple of smiles here and there, but don't go in here expecting to have soda coming out of your nose laughing. On the other hand you see Iglesias getting teary eyed a couple of times. I'm just not that invested in his personal life that I care whether or not he felt betrayed by his dad or not. Catch him in Youtube, he's much funnier there... and cheaper!
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By AndrewColon
Written August 08, 2014
It was more somber than some of his previous shows. It was very funny bit had more serious times too.
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Better than expected!

By msnicolemarie920
Written August 08, 2014
To say my husband was laughing out loud in the theater says a lot! Everyone was laughing and turned out better than I expected! He goes deeper into the story of his father and he did an amazing performance! I love all of his shows but this is by far his best performance yet! Will probably take my family to see it again and will definitely buy the movie when it comes out on bluray!
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