Five Years To Forever Years

By TestSubjectA
Written May 01, 2012
It’s a dark romantic comedy that’s too long for it’s own good and that’s the truth. It could have been shortened down to the 6 month engagement and we would have gotten the same results. I really did enjoy some of the gags, like Jason Segel in a bunny suit, but at times the comedy was forced upon the audience like the premise of the film. It would be fair to say that they missed some moments for comedy gold and instead gave us easter eggs for the elderly. The ending was a bit over the top silly, but that’s what’s expected from a Jason Segel film. I left the theater happy and it wasn’t until I stopped to think about it did I remember that the movie dragged like the train of a wedding dress.
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So Fun

By sunsetsunrise
Written April 29, 2012
Loved this movie! Had just enough adult humor along with real life scenarios. It was a bit long but I thought the pace kept me interested and never got bored, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel had so much chemistry so the whole relationship was very believable. Her sister and brother-in-law topped off the family relationship in a mix of humor and realism. My husband enjoyed this too and was surprised since he thought this was going to be another boring chick flick, So glad I ignored some of the reviews and went anyway based on being a big Emily Blunt fan. Nice change after all the action movies out.
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By shortcelticgirl
Written April 30, 2012
I was looking forward to this on Friday night, I like a good rom com. This movie unfortunately was not great. The tone was uneven, the pacing was bad and overall this movie just didnt do it for me. The humor in this movie varied from good humorous writing, to slapstick, to physial humor. It just seemed the writers stretched (or grasped) for the laughs. And some things just arent funny. Abortion jokes are definetly not okay, so some of the humor was actually offensive to me.
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Just watch the trailer - save the FIVE years!!

By ggcouv
Written April 30, 2012
It is back to the art house for us. Once again, Hollywood produces an interesting trailer, and then surrounds it with a boring, interminable, meandering story that no one cares about in the end. Disappointing to think about the teens who will go to this movie and come out believing that they need to be more obscene in speech and behavior, so that they can be like these vapid, empty adults.
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A Funny Sweet But Sometimes Crude Romance

By ScarletRedLuciano
Written April 28, 2012
The Five Year Engagement was not my first choice for romantic comedies - but it certainly wasn't my last. The acting was great and the comedy was placed in there just right to form a light hearted crude but funny movie that the older adults would like.
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