Too Long But Does Have Some Good Moments.

By Al P
Written April 28, 2012
This one could easily have been edited down to 1:40 without losing anything. It follows the basic romantic comedy formula almost verbatim, except for the comedy part. Admittedly, film comedy is a tough gig but this one hits and misses. Overall it's fairly entertaining and maintains the audience's interest but it does drag on in parts. It's worth its ticket price though. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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Five Years and not a minute longer . . .

By Calylily
Written April 29, 2012
I like Jason Segel and Emily Blunt but not together and not in this romcom. It just felt like a movie that was being told between two beer drinking buddies and written down between belches. Sorry, Jason, I think you have some great and creative ideas, but it did not come together with a strong enough plot to keep me interested. I will say that Emily's sister was a very interesting newcomer and her performance shined through all the others - this girl has "IT".
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Smart and Funny

By thunderhound
Written April 29, 2012
This is an intelligently wrought film depicting the complexities and strains arising in relationships when individual career priorities clash. The film also celebrates cultural diversity in a backhanded way with unique, non-stereotypical characters of all races resulting in many curious and humorous moments. There are also surprisingly touching moments, heartfelt, with deep soulful resonance. In all, this is not a boring film unless you are 12 years old or prefer car chases and explosions. It's a smart film offering many things to think about regarding intimate relationships and well worth the experience. There is some crude humor and sexuality but it works well in context. Finally, some fan reviews refer to the film as Hollywood propaganda, a waste of time, etc...I can only guess these were written by hate mongering bigots angry at seeing people of color on the screen and whose own spiritual impoverishment makes it impossible for them to appreciate nuanced human frailty.
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Five Years To Forever Years

By TestSubjectA
Written May 01, 2012
It’s a dark romantic comedy that’s too long for it’s own good and that’s the truth. It could have been shortened down to the 6 month engagement and we would have gotten the same results. I really did enjoy some of the gags, like Jason Segel in a bunny suit, but at times the comedy was forced upon the audience like the premise of the film. It would be fair to say that they missed some moments for comedy gold and instead gave us easter eggs for the elderly. The ending was a bit over the top silly, but that’s what’s expected from a Jason Segel film. I left the theater happy and it wasn’t until I stopped to think about it did I remember that the movie dragged like the train of a wedding dress.
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The Five-Year Engagement

By relivmom
Written May 05, 2012
This movie is not worth the time or money. Wait for it to be on tv. The F word is WAY over-used. It became ridiculous, seriously. Acting was ok, but the story line was really lacking. Very disappointing.
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