The First Grader

By Luna_ movie
Written May 17, 2011
I just wanna tell you, this is a movie, a real one and a must see movie. As an african I felt so proud of this movie with all its realism. Dont miss it Plan to watch it, it is worth.
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The First grader

By myinta
Written May 14, 2011
Excellent! I have been to Kenya many times since 1970. This film rings true. Go see it.
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The First Grader

By splinter1
Written June 03, 2011
Excellent movie. The children were priceless and Oliver Litondo and Naomie Harris were effective as the student and the teacher. Brought home the idea that we change people and their prejudstices one person at a time.
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The first grader

By movieloverpl
Written May 23, 2011
This movie really touched on the struggle that still goes on in Kenya. I learned that no matter which group is holding down another group, people continou to try to keep each other down. In this case it was not the British anymore but among the tribes! As human beings we must evolve and rise above all the clutter..... very inspirational! I think childern and adults alike will see that through education we can over come and don't be afraid to speak your truth!
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The First Grader

By justforthefunofmovies
Written May 21, 2011
This is an amazing, heart wrenching and heart felt film - teaching the importance of freedom of education for all.
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