The Final Master Synopsis
THE FINAL MASTER is a martial arts drama set in the transnational time period of China before World War II.
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Movie Reviews

Excellent. A must see!!

By ovni
The Grandmaster is beautiful but The Final Master is sincere and a great fun to watch....

Subtly humorous, masterful cinematography, great fun!

By sestanzione
We loved it! The main roles were very well cast, and the movie doesn't unfold in a predictable way. With all the years of martial arts flicks about old masters being revered by their apprentices, it...

Tried to be artsy, but a bore!

By sbt427n
It's supposed to be a masterful kungfu movie, right? That's at least what we thought going in. There are some staged fighting scenes, esp. with weapons. But, somehow we weren't impressed. So, it...

Totally cool Artsy movie...!

By NickyBermuda
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie ! If you love martial arts movies, add this to the list......