By movie_fanatic10
Written August 28, 2009
First off let me say by saying, i was one of the few who didn't care what some of the negative reviews said. I still loved this movie! Every movie always have mixed reviews. It's only an opinion. Don't let it stop from seeing it. Make your own assumption. The 3D really added depth to the movie. There were times where i forgot it was in 3D! I thought the movie lacked story line but i didn't care because i came for the death scenes! The deaths were pretty crazy! One bothered me a lot because it was messed up and i felt the emotion. There was hilarious moments from a few characters! I liked how the movie didn't make us wait for something to happen but they didn't rush into things. In some moments i was getting ansy in my seat because i was getting into the movie at scenes that were suspenseful. I also loved how some of the deaths from the previous movies were added in the opening credits! Don't listen to other reviews just see it for yourself! it was pretty entertaining!!!
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Wait for DVD

By cymplicity27
Written August 29, 2009
Totally predictable. They showed too many clues in this one and you could figure out exactly how the deaths would come. They didn't follow the pattern of the other FDs with people dying similar to how they die in the first scene. It was just all over the place. The characters were weak and you really couldn't connect with any of them. It was just one death to the next...some may like that but I like at least a slither of a storyline. Oh, oh, oh...some deaths weren't even on camera!!! WTH?? Don't waste your money at the movies. Rent the DVD!!
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Final destination in 3D its gonna be good

By Jdwizzle
Written August 08, 2009
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By TwilightWerewolf
Written August 28, 2009
These movies seem to leave me paranoid for days. I love the concept of it all, it's a pretty good plot, but the way they show the deaths, yuck. It would be a lot better without the gore/nudity. But other than that, I like them!
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VERY dissapointing... if you liked the last 3 you WILL be let down by number 4 here

By xbox1986
Written August 29, 2009
I was hyped about this movie because the last three were so good. im glad i didnt waste extra on the 3-D because it would not have helped. the actors in FD4 lack any type of reality, with budget movie dialouge and forgetable names you will wish you had stayed home. 10 minutes into the movie i knew it was gonna be bad. the cgi was obvious and abundant, to say the director relied heavely on digital effects would be an understatement. there was no building excitement, no thrlls, lack luster Characters (monotone personalities, pointless jokes) even the one nude scene was pretty lame. the only redeeming qualities were the sometimes elaborate but always obvious death scenes (although usually the victums were really stupid or unrealistically helpless), the song in the first scene ("devour" by Shinedown),and slightly funny death of the raciest. FD4 was a waste of my time, dont even rent the DVD. the actors and cgi sent the series to its final destination... sad indeed D- acting, C+ deaths
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