Final Destination 3D - FD3D arrived with much 3D fanfare. Rating: 80 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written August 29, 2009
THURS 8/27 - FD3D is a visual treat - mainly because this movie was shot in THE 3D technology that James Cameron's AVATAR utilized. Death (and dying) is a morbid subject but there is nothing grave about death in FD3D where the audience was presented with MANY inventive ways to terminate someone's life. The 3D adds superb depth to the gory scenes of death... I expected a thin plot and lots of gratuitous blood-showers in addition to graphic blatant displays of dismembered body parts and death's killing instruments - and I was not disappointed. The 3D gave this movie added dimensions of interest - and captivated my attention the entire time. So - be sure to watch the 3D version! VERDICT: After 3 movies in this franchise, this latest installment still seemed fresh. HIGHLY recommended for horror/supernatural fans and fans of the macabre. Inappropriate for kids and the faint-of-heart. Not family-friendly. Otherwise, GO SEE IT - at your peril. Actual GRADE: B-minus
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Great Movie

By GCR394
Written August 21, 2009
If you like the Final Destination series so far I know you will enjoy this move! Even if you're just in to gore and blood then this movie is the one for you!!!
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The Final Destination 3D

By brettlovesthemovies
Written August 28, 2009
thank goodness it was in 3d, otherwise this would have been an exact replica of the other 3. but hey, if they can make 6 saw's with the same plot, you might as well. i was very impressed with the use of 3d in this movie. more than makes up with what was lacking in previous "family" films in 3d earlier this year. so, not a total bad movie. but if you dont see it in 3d, might as well wait til dvd, or go rent the other 3 and save 10.00
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3D is soooo cool!

Written August 28, 2009
Sure it's just another bloody horror movie, but if you like gorey movies, then 3D is the best way to see them. Guts coming right at you. Blood spurtting into your face. Bones sticking out like they will poke you right in the eye. This movie is fun, fun, fun. But I'm sick like that.
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Final Destination 3

By jmaruni1
Written September 02, 2009
The movie was GREAT. It was different than other 3D movies that I've seen. The scenes in this movie seemed like they were made especially for 3D viewing awesomeness. I totally recommend it, you'll jump out of your seat a handful of times, its the best movie viewing experience I've had in a while and I go to the movies pretty often.
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