Slow Start but Thrilling End

By ashlynnwelker
Written October 19, 2013
It was a bit of a slow start, but once it got going it was truly thrilling! Cumberbatch's performance was completely captivating - it is worth going to see it just for that. I was pleasantly surprised with Bruhl's performance and of course Laura Linney and Stanely Tucci were excellent as well. Hang in there through the slow start - its worth it.
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By thedoctor777
Written October 23, 2013
This film has a couple of major problems. It is very slow throughout and it uses a lot of computer language. I feel that older views won't understand much of the dialogue. As for the younger viewers it has no action, cars chases, explosions or comedy what-so-ever. It's really a slow and uneventful film. However, it does tell the story of Wikimedia well. It did seem to demean Fox and it's correspondents while staying away from Democratic negativity. All in all I would say pass on this one while in the theater and think twice before even Red Boxing it.
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Fifth Estate

By leegraves211
Written October 18, 2013
Having served in intelligence, I have seen the murderous effect of released information on people I knew personally. Anyone presuming, independently, to decide life and death issues regardless of motives, makes them personally guilty of the resulting murders that occur due to the information's release. The hangman's noose is too good a punishment for such individuals. WHY GLORIFY, AND THEREBY ENCOURAGE, SUCH COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE ??? How dare you, who enjoy the liberty that I and others have paid for with our bodies and blood, despise the very liberty you take for granted in such foolish and reckless abandon? Have you no shame?
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Not as good as the trailers make it seem.

By all1s0n
Written October 29, 2013
Ugh. The Fifth Estate was such lazy film-making. The narrative didn’t explain much of anything at all, barely grazing on most topics, and the movie itself seemed to rely solely on the fact that it had big British names in it—i.e. Benedict Cumberbatch, David Thelewis, Peter Capaldi—plus a really attractive dude that looked like Ewan McGregor to me, and my fave of faves, Stanley Tucci. The rest of it was just so bland. Maybe that’s because I was expecting it to be like The Social Network, or maybe it’s because it just wasn’t as good as the trailer made it seem.
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Not awful, but not good, either

By NYPerson1
Written October 20, 2013
Cumberbatch is a very good actor, although mostly, I found myself just watching his odd hair. This movie was _very_ slow. No drama, nothing at stake, no interesting characters. I think I would rather have watched a movie with the State Department characters, and Stanley Tucci and Laura Linney--but, I still can't recommend this one. I was with a group, and we all had trouble staying awake.
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