The Fifth Estate Synopsis
“The Fifth Estate” traces the heady, early days of WikiLeaks, culminating in the release of a series of controversial and history changing information leaks.
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Spins Its Wheels, Doesn't Go Far

By MedRed
The Fifth Estate is a very confused movie. It can't figure out if it wants to be a techy, hacker film, a romantic drama, a thriller, or a documentary. I found the first hour slow and sloppy. It...

The next estate

By everyweek60706
Two hours of hackers exposing spies and diplomats. It was hard to deny Wikileaks impact on world history last year, but now the Arab Spring seems to be going nowhere good. The characters in this...

Actually had my pulse pounding, and made me think.

By eliseatthemovies
This was a good, thoughtful thriller which definitely kept me riveted, and also raised lots of questions about the ethics of truth-telling in the digital age. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing....

Fifth Estate

By globalreach
An interesting movie for a select audience. Though titled Fifth Estate, it is not beyond the realms, and realistic in the Information Era. It would seem that Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a...

The Fifth Estate

By wgm
The Fifth Estate is extremely powerful, brilliantly acted, very well written and definitely bound for some Oscar Nominations. Very realistic, even though the real Julian Assange would not meet with...

Makes you think

By rogerafleming
An intelligent movie. Not an obvious topic for a film but it held my attention throughout. This was partly due to the acting which was great. No bang-bangs, but the action was quite tense at times. I...

Fifth Estate Review

By Gary Saucedo
The Fifth Estate is a good movie to see, visually it works well on the big screen which is surprising given the informational abstracts presented in the movie. Having said that there are forays into...


By Fabulouscj
Confusing ... could have been much shorter. Had looked forward to its release ... not sure why. Got more out of sitting outside in nature. Actors were good choices but they did not get to shine. Who...

Truth Be Told???

By ruth.pielady
We were looking forward to the movie depiction regarding the events of Wikileaks and came out, ok. Throughout the movie I couldn't help but think The Social Network set a bar when...

the fifth estate

By kbrilyntrip
I liked it fast movie enthralling .I have always been curious about the background on this story and now I feel I understand some of it. Good movie....

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Rated R | For for some violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Confusing WikiLeaks docudrama mostly avoids iffy content.
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