The Farewell Party Synopsis
THE FAREWELL PARTY is a unique, compassionate and unlikely funny story of a group of friends at a Jerusalem retirement home who build a mercy killing machine in order to help their terminally ill friend.
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The Farewell Party

By sandragrossman11
As a member of Talk Cinema, I saw this movie a few months ago - it was the favorite movie of the whole season. It's all about friendship and love, written and acted in the most wonderful, natural...

Profoundly funny and compassionate !!!!!

By egogol
Absolutely stupendous !!! Moving, compassionate, profound. And often hilarious !!! Don't miss. A rare treat. Really makes plain why we need to make aid-in-dying legal everywhere, and why until...

Tough topic done with humanity & humor

By MelSays
From the previews, I thought I was going to see a comedy. It's not. Or, at minimum, it has dark comedic scenes that make the rest of the film bearable, perhaps more human. It's also an important...

What A Downer!

By arlyh
There were some, as advertised, cute remarks to break the sadness of the movie. It was very, very disturbing even though euthanasia itself is not a bad idea if the patient wants it. It was too...

sad but true

By sbobsbob
old age can be inspiring but cruel...