Five Word Review

By jpom81
Written May 13, 2010
Best Movie Of All Time
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Great movie!!

By panther96
Written March 31, 2007
A good movie that'll give you a laugh!
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Just simply bad

By sanazkk
Written May 10, 2015
So shallow, one of the worst!!!
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A Solid Film

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written July 31, 2009
I didnt have any idea what I was getting into when I picked up this movie I had a little bit of an idea what it was about but not enough to draw a conclusive picture. I knew it had a good cast including Diane Keaton a veteran actress, Luke Wilson a popular actor brother to Owen Wilson, Claire Daines and Rachael Macadams, it also held many other popular actors as well but they all had a signifigant role in this film if one them were taken from the script everything would have fallen apart. It was a solid film had good humor I mean it has to nervous rich girl stepping into a family that is going to tear her apart believe me chaos if dont right can be hillarious. But other than that it had a good story had its moving moments as well all in all it was a good movie definately worth watching. Dont let people talk you out of a movie find out yourself. Should be safe for kids depending on the parents. Enjoy.
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Family Stone

By marysonthemove
Written July 20, 2014
Great typical family with all the twisted personalities driving each other nuts, yet still loving everyone for who they are
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