By Colleen422
Written September 15, 2013
DID NOT LIKE IT. THE TRAILERS MADE IT SEEM LIKE A COMEDY. NO IDEA THERE WOULD BE SUCH GRAPHIC GORE, ETC. Actually quite weird. Surprised DeNiro, Pfeiffer, and Jones agreed to do this movie. Not for kids. Would be too violent. Not worth the money. Wait for the rental.
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Things you don't want to hear in confession

By mlped
Written September 13, 2013
An interesting, but ultimately un-compelling collaboration of Hollywood big names and script stereotypes (the characters & actors) with some weird Hollywood come European influenced (? French Luc Besson, script and directing) style/pastiche financed (I don't know, but my guess is not the usual Hollywood production types – just a guess on my part, by Dutch or Belgian bankers "using other peoples money.") The result, strong individual character performances by the American Acting talent, DeNiro, Tommy Lee, Michel Pfieffer and parts played by Belle & Warren, (violent, cultureless, but ultimately efficient and effective killing machines) marred by a stitched together plot line of juxtaposed value/morality plays script, directing style and a them (i.e. cultured, but clueless, hide bound prejudiced pack of bumpkins, "We have better food, you are just . . . . violent") vs. I don't know, seem like some three European Blind men script writes trying to described an Elephant (US culture
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The Family made me laugh

By Mravin1
Written September 14, 2013
This is a funny movie. I was entertained. There were a few minutes when the movie took a serious turn. Robert was very good and kept you guessing.
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Maybe a 'family,' but..twisted!

By Squirrel Dude
Written September 16, 2013
Yes, "The Family" has some rather dark humor, but it also is an interesting dark tones about this family. Because it deals with the mafia, we expect that. I was a little surprised about the violence. It's not gratuitous, but, when how and for what purpose it's used for, that surprised me. I don't know. but is it a stereotype to show that mafia families always use violence to solve problems? As for the children in such families, is that what they learn from; and, is it always condoned?! Because this 'family' is in the witness protection program, you in some way, want to see them succeed; yet, on the other hand, they can and are ruthlessly violent. The film is good at setting a slow, but suspenseful story. Lastly, I'm not sure what time period it belongs in? Part is the late 70s, then the 80s, then the early 90s, but lastly there is modern time of now! Is this on purpose to say, "fictitious?!"
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Would not recommend

By ariana0131
Written September 13, 2013
This movie is predictable, staged, booring, and I kept looking at my watch. It was sad because the teenage daughter is so cute the son would be adorable, of course everyone loves Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband in this movie, but it was so staged it just had me looking at my watch over and over again. Really could not wait to get out, definately NOT worth the $18 it took for me and my daughter to go watch in on opening night besides the $30 we spent in treats for the two of us. I say just NO.
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