The Family is not what it seems

By globalreach
Written May 25, 2016
Wickedly twisted humor about a mob family who turns on and leaves the business. These characters know how to take care of themselves, and prove it in hilarious scene after hilarious scene. The acting and script are great - the humor is superb. I really enjoyed it!
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Saved by Jones

By BengalReviews
Written May 28, 2016
Robert DeNiro and Tommy Lee Jones are the reason this movie worked, and Jones shouldered the load in my opinion. Otherwise, this story has been done and done and done. The violence was a bit extreme for my taste but was likely the only thing that kept the audience awake. The plot was implausible at best. Seriously… a kid writes a poem in a small-town school newspaper that makes a gnarled journey from a village in France to New York then lands in the hands of the Brooklyn mob boss who wants De Niro dead? I agree with the reviewer who called it preposterous, and it’s not the only scene of this ilk. If I can point to one scene that was good—and I’m digging deep in the laundry bin for this one—it was when De Niro’s character reviewed the movie Goodfellas for a film club. And Jones’s foil in this scene is what made it work. If you like mob movies, you might want to see it. Otherwise, well, you be the judge.
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A fun movie

By kathyp121
Written June 26, 2016
This isn't academy award material, but it is an enjoyable movie nonetheless. The characters are well played by the cast and the story is fun and entertaining. Would recommend it for kids 12 and older. I would see it again.
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huge disappointment

By lsrhetorician
Written July 02, 2016
Went to see this looking for a light comedy. What a waste of a terrific cast! Every scene had tons of gratuitous violence to the point where it became rediculous. Oh, Bobby D..... I'm so disappointed.
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Lazy Rendition of Mobster Movie.

By easybreeze360
Written February 08, 2016
This movie was fragmented and corny at best. Deniro trying to be a writer in the movie was a tease which never panned out. The son wanting to bail to Paris to become a mobster was a good idea and should have been elaborated. The love story between Belle and the Math teacher was enticing yet never delivered. If anything a little more love in this movie could have made up for it's drought. Michele Pheiffer crawling on the floor was ridiculous! I found the frequent references to supposed incredible italian food being eaten to be quite annoying because they never showed any of it. What a rip-off to have '*****' from the Sopranos in the movie. It was obvious the director tried a little too hard to revere the movie as 'gangster' when Good Fellows was screened by Deniro. The ending although good and suspenseful was too short-lived. A better alternative ending would have been they all cross-fired one another and died because none of the characters fully developed.
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