The Family

By tophat007
Written May 01, 2016
My 15 year old grandaughter went with me, so you are getting to reviews. Me, it was to dark and to much violent. Comedy is just so-so, I didnt hear much laughter. Grandaughter, I enjoyed it- for anyone who is a fan of dark, somewhat sadistic comedies, I do recommend this movie. I am a fan of the darker side of entertainment, so this was definately up my alley. Also, the effects were very believable and it was certainly a unique film that I think could be enjoyed by many people.
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Remarkably interesting! Drama, comedy, murder, great action scenes.

By RussCase
Written May 03, 2016
This movie is a MUST SEE. DiNero is fantastic and co-actors as well. This movie combines drama, comedy, murder, action and much more. The entire movie is engaging.
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Finally, a believable Mafia Movie!!!

By ajgaston
Written January 31, 2015
Most Italian mobster movie are either too violent, slow and mello dramatic. This however, based on a book called "Malavita" a mafia Italian family from Brooklyn, NY trying to escape their past and wanted a new life in Normany, France but cant seem to settle into their new way of life because of "Old Habits" die hard. This movie has enough light-hearted humor for it to be fun and have enough suspense and action for it to be entertaining. Now don't get me wrong, although the title emphasizes the term "Family", this however is not an ideal movie for the entire family (due to language). But this a great option for date night! ;-)
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The Family

By fweetheart
Written September 04, 2015
I LOVE Robert De Niro's movies. I didn't love this movie at all. Only the last 20 minutes or so of this film are worthy of anyone's attention. Tommy Lee Jones is stilted and stiff and a little off, and De Niro is very predictable and walks around with a question mark on his face and in his voice. It's not funny. It's actually pretty sad. Wait for the DVD if you HAVE to see it. Don't waste your money on a theater ticket.
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lots of action

By homerun183
Written October 08, 2015
The endless use of the word F--- wasn'ty really necessary The acting by Robert De Niro - Fred Manzoni Very good Michelle Pfeiffer - Maggie Manzoni Fantastic performance Tommy Lee Jones - Agent Stansfield More than men in Black he was cool Dianna Agron - Belle Manzoni She has to be the next super star and very pretty excellent John D'Leo - Warren Manzo I think he will be the next Brad Pitt excellent So for a few hours of laughs and enjoyment, see this movie No one under 16
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