Not enought funny

By info198
Written January 25, 2015
This movie showed all the funny parts in the previews. The violence was a shock considering I thought this was going to be a comedy. Would not recommend at all.
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Martin Scorcese is losing It

By jalbert222
Written May 06, 2015
A great cast.... and the worst writing imaginable. A few mildly funny moments, amidst violence so stupid and pervasive as to make it ridiculous. I can just picture Marty and Bob De Niro sitting around onset thinking up all kinds of funny gags. None of which work. Time for either retirement or finding good writers, Mr. S.
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Terrible Movie - Walked out!

By gemgirl8686
Written July 03, 2015
We went to this movie completely because we thought it must be good with DeNiro and Pfeiffer were in it. Horrible writing, boring/confusing story, weird teen violence. Couldn't waste any more of a Sunday afternoon than the 45 mins we spent watching this movie. Can't imagine why 2 very talented actors would want to be associated with such a forgettable movie.
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Lazy Rendition of Mobster Movie.

By easybreeze360
Written September 23, 2014
This movie was fragmented and corny at best. Deniro trying to be a writer in the movie was a tease which never panned out. The son wanting to bail to Paris to become a mobster was a good idea and should have been elaborated. The love story between Belle and the Math teacher was enticing yet never delivered. If anything a little more love in this movie could have made up for it's drought. Michele Pheiffer crawling on the floor was ridiculous! I found the frequent references to supposed incredible italian food being eaten to be quite annoying because they never showed any of it. What a rip-off to have '*****' from the Sopranos in the movie. It was obvious the director tried a little too hard to revere the movie as 'gangster' when Good Fellows was screened by Deniro. The ending although good and suspenseful was too short-lived. A better alternative ending would have been they all cross-fired one another and died because none of the characters fully developed.
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The Family

By ltibbetts688
Written September 15, 2013
Not a very strong plot line, writing and dialogue was weak and there were many parts that were simply unrealistic regarding the Dept. of Justice's Witness Protection program. (In addition, Tommy Lee Jones is much too old to play an 'active' FBI agent.) Disappointing movie.
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