By Inaba
Written October 07, 2015
This movie was nothing ground breaking, not that one should expect it to be. It was rather long for the content and dragged on for quite awhile. There were a lot of plot points that could have been followed up with, but were just barely touched on and left a lot to be desired. It plodded along through it's expected course to it's utterly predictable ending. Don't waste your theater money, just save it for video.
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The Family

By garydus
Written September 30, 2013
You won't be disappointed at this movie. It's good to see De niro back doing the mob thing again. A must see, with a few surprises. Go see it
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The Family

By TBOX000
Written May 04, 2015
It is hilarious - go see it! Finally kids who are loyal to their parents. Teenagers and adults who 'get it" will like this movie. The plot has a new twist to a familiar predicament and a dynamite ending. Dad De Niro show us a dad who is really just like a dad, except he's a mob guy who is stuck in his ways, is a little OCD and finally finds another side of himself. Mom Michelle Pfeiffer plays her character with relish and you get the idea that she would really like to behave this way. Kudos to her. Comeuppance is the theme of this movie. A rarity today. If you like justice served hot or cold, you will laugh and cheer while you wait for the final payback.
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The Family

By ltibbetts688
Written October 04, 2015
Not a very strong plot line, writing and dialogue was weak and there were many parts that were simply unrealistic regarding the Dept. of Justice's Witness Protection program. (In addition, Tommy Lee Jones is much too old to play an 'active' FBI agent.) Disappointing movie.
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Entertaining if well-trod ground

By pdaddy1959
Written November 28, 2014
There's little new about the characters in "The Family." DeNiro reprises his sensitive wiseguy from "Analyze This" and Michelle Pfeiffer trots out her on-target but well-worn Mafia wife schtick. You do somewhat like the characters as you see them struggle to adapt to yet another forced move and false life in the Witness Protection program. But while the fairly graphic and over-the-top violence is bearable when the protagonists are defending themselves, the collateral damage is considerable: neighbors shot dead. All the police shot dead. The only fireman in the station, dead. No body minds seeing the Mafia hitmen go down, but how much do you have to hate the French to be okay with killing them off for minor snootiness? Overall, it's a well-paced comedy with decent action. A bit more graphic that might have been ideal. Outstanding (if incessant) use of the f-word as the keystone of DeNiro's mobster vocabulary. You may not remember it two weeks from now, but it's entertaining.
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