"The Family" is Terrific!

By gigi467
Written December 01, 2016
Watching Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro wind their way through this fast-paced film while hiding in the Witness Protection Program is a delight. A mix of light comedy brought into reality by dark brutality with Mafia hit-men everywhere, the stars including the terrific Tommy Lee Jones play it straight and that is what makes this film work. They are not sending up the audience with campy performances, they play it for real. Some interesting plot twists and amusing cameo performances keep you engrossed. Go See This Film!
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Entertaining, Lighthearted Mafia Mobster Movie.

By WolvieMovie
Written April 26, 2017
Most italian mobster movie are either too violent, slow and mello dramatic. This however, based on a book called "Malavita" a mafia italian family from brooklyn, NY trying to escape their past and wanted a new life in Normany, France but cant seem to settle into their new way of life because of "Old Habits" die hard. This movie has enough light hearted humor for it tobe fun and have enough suspense and action for it to be entertaining. The acting is good and if you know abit of Italian humor, then this movie is fun, entertaining and for you.
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The Family

By Dubmission
Written March 30, 2017
A movie to see if you like going to the movies, though nothing that special. De Niro of course fits the role of anything mob-related, has some funny moments. Eh.
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What Happened?

By Scotny7
Written February 28, 2017
I was so excited to see Deniro in mob film. While this was funny at times, I have to ask myself WTH happened? Cinematography and makeup was laughable. You really could see the make up caked on Deniro and Tommy Lee's faces. That in itself was funny and sad at the same time, you know what I mean? I love Michelle Pfeiffer but there were some scenes where she looked like a skeleton and truly looked unhealthy. Not attractive at all!!!! Now Dianna Agron.... I found myself asking my sons who she was because she was stunning. But even with her beuty, We again see times where the make up was actually caked on and it showed onscreen. John D'Leo had some funny scenes and reminded me a little of Lillo Brancata (A Bronx Tale), let's hope his future does not follow the same path. As excited as I was to see this I will tell you not to waste your money. Please Mr Deniro find a good mob script and I will forever be a fan.
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By kysm2012
Written May 29, 2017
I am not sure what was suppose to happened but whatever the intentions were for this movie it missed its' target. Too much senseless killing or is that true portrayal of underworld life. I don't think so. Some, no most of what is going on this flick is over the top. Maybe we all, every single person who watched this movie. missed the point. I doubt that too. I think because of what we have come to expect of the stars in this movie anything less we reject. People wait for the DVD and even then I am not sure. Love DeNiro, Pfieffer, and Tommy Lee but I wonder why this movie.
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